This tape went up less than 24 hours ago, and it’s at 15,000 streams. I’m baffled. It’s actually a bit dated though. The full release has been building steam for nearly a month in the ‘Unreleased Tapes’ section, and the launch was beyond my expectations. This includes some of my favorite tunes right now, and I’m glad there was such a big response.

‘Dirty Bandit’ by Lost is a BANGER. Joe Nice was one of the few DJs that had this. Nobody seemed to have it, and I saw no plans of it being released. It finally dropped as a free download on Lost’s Facebook fan page almost 6 months after I originally heard the clip. The refix I did with Chance The Rapper is one of the most aggressive tunes I could have picked. ‘Space Hut’ is a 15 second clip from a project I’m working on. Santi Junior refixes Heroes x Villains. I’m wrapping a tape with Santi Junior now, and hope to release one with Daniel Disaster of Heroes x Villains this spring. The rest of the mix is played safe, actually. Until you get to ‘The License’, the experience is on cruise control.

The reason I picked this track to end the release is because I see the future of bass music beyond 70 beats per minute. This time in music reminds me of when we witnessed the death of Drum N Bass 5 or 6 years ago. Respectable Dubstep producers are making SICK House, Electro, and Moombahton right now. I’m making hip-hop beats. I represent a Moombahton artist. I release a monthly Drum n Bass mix through Dogs On Acid. My next release through clubtapes is going to be Juke. The tides are shifting. But when Doctor P is making massive Dubstep to Moombahton transition anthems, you can be sure that the pattern has been broken.

That being said, Thugstep isn’t going anywhere. It’s a brand I’ve been championing for more than half a decade. Expect it to sound a little different in the future though.

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