Checkout  this freshness coming out on Svetlana Industries label – March 19th on vinyl and April 2nd on digi:

“If you care about up-and-coming bass-driven music from the British Islands, chances are you might soon come across Brey, a 20-year-old producer behind the latest release of Serbian/British Svetlana Industries imprint. Born in Angola as Breyner Laurindo Da Silva Baptista and raised in Northwest London, Brey has been paving his way into the UK bass scene like many emerging talents nowadays: by getting a street buzz through more established artists playing his yet-to-be-released tunes in clubs. Still without an official record out, he enjoyed some viral spinning throughout last year from the likes of Bok Bok, Scratcha, Brackles and Ramadanman before landing his debut 4-track EP Brasil for Svetlana, due this month on vinyl and download.

It’s his complex and meticulously crafted sound image that makes him stand out from the crowd. Brey takes no prisoners. The clattering rhythms, the dangling percussion, the live horns, the Lalo Schifrin-esque strings, the dizzying Warpish synths, the stompin’ bass lines, all sound as if pumped out together in one huge blow.

After taking part in a panel on last year’s Share Conference in Belgrade and playing a gig the same night, Brey ended up at the flea market in the Belgrade suburb of Zemun at 6AM on a Sunday, browsing the endless stalls of worn-out goods before eventually purchasing some old trumpets and vinyls. The gypsies who run the stalls allegedly went nuts for his D&G ring, kissing him, telling him he was the original gypsy, a true cigan. Footage of that sunny morning, formed the base for Brey’s multi-layered, trashy video for the single “Bengela”, directed by Kiborz. Nice tractor, mate!”

(Quote from BTURN Online Magazine)


Brey – Bengela (video edit) from Svetlana Industries on Vimeo.


Svetlana Industries? Here`s what the label says about themselves:


“Svetlana comes from somewhere far away.

She successfully navigated the cross-dimensional transition into this galaxy, docked and began her work.

She began by assembling a local team to implement her scheme. Then, unaware of the existence of the concept of borders, races, peoples and nations, probes were extended into the global neural network and the job began of explaining the grand purpose and direction to the members of humanity whose consciousness seemed to be approaching levels sufficient for trans-galactic communication.

2010 sees the start of the next stage in Svetlana’s terrestrial plan: disseminating the music on vinyl records. Vinyl is actually a medium known for its resistance to the rigours of space travel and therefore highly appropriate to her project. A record floating in the inky void can survive for millennia and is regularly exchangeable for food or oxygen when needed.

Who is she? Why is she here? These things are still unclear.”


All clear? Make sure you check their other releases on THEIR WEBSITE or here:


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