I luv this guy, he is a little bonkers but aren’t all unique, creative genuises?

I was very suspicious of this dude’s motives when he unveiled the Spring of Moombahton compilation last year with a 10,000000 word manifesto lol BUT you know what, f**k it, he’s doing something unique and what sounds like a worthy cause for the Earth, no matter how confused and crazy his dissemination of how this is going to take place might sound. I haven’t got my head around it but the dude’s having fun and trying to achieve some worthwhile & serious objectives at the same time.

So I would say, you can’t get any crazier than the world is atm with all these unlawful and illegal occupations going on around the world, this below might not be so crazy after all, in that context.

Please be warned this is really off it’s rocka’ and very complicated but it also makes pretty good sense in parts!

This guy is ambitious…ahahhahah

Maybe my ignorance & lack of time, prevents me from seeing the real serious value in what is being advocated here but that would require some serious academic research!

So don’t dimiss it, keep an open mind!

And don’t forget we often call something we don’t understand “crazy” and so maybe we’re crazy for not taking the time to understand it!

KICKSTARTER: Artistic Capitalism & The Cannabis Renaissance from Monsoon Unlimited on Vimeo.


Aloha! ¡Hola! Bonjour! Konnichiwa!

Thank you for your interest in our Kickstarter project.

Our Kickstarter campaign is a multi-phase arts strategy that seeks to fund a project in each Kickstarter category.

What is Artistic Capitalism & The Cannabis Renaissance?

Everyone is an artist in their own respect. Painters, musicians, engineers, programmers, dancers, farmers, mechanics, designers, scientists, lawyers, writers and teachers are all artists of different mediums. To be an artist is to be human.

Artistic Capitalism is an open-source idea for everyone. Monsoon Unlimited seeks to share this idea with all progressive artists. We are calling all artists to embrace capitalism and modify the current economic system with a fresh, artistic perspective. We believe that the most talented & creative will eclipse those that focus on profits alone.

Instead of Occupy Wallstreet (the place) … Occupy Wallstreet (the mentality)


Artistic: having or revealing natural creative skill.

Capitalism: an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

Artistic Capitalism: an open-source economic and political system in which a planet’s trade and industry are evolved by the most creative teams with the purpose of global sustainability, rather than being controlled by private owners for profit.

How is this possible? How can all the talented artists of the world shift the power of the status quo and usher in a new period of wealth, health & happiness for all?

One word: CANNABIS

Cannabis isn’t just medical marijuana. Cannabis is also known as industrial hemp, a non-medical species of the plant. It is common knowledge that hemp is one of the best materials for paper, plastics, biofuels, fabrics, fiber, body care, housing and more. Hemp foods made from hemp seeds are the best source of protein and amino acids that can be found in nature.

Every country in the world can literally grow themselves into a healthy & prosperous economy. When combined with vertical agriculture, these facts are even more powerful.

Industrial Hemp has the ability to shift our economy from the cliff of limited resources to the valley of sustainability. Cannabis legalization is the legalization of a trillion dollar crop that can effectively ignite a brand new renaissance.

Everyone can benefit from Cannabis.

We see this Kickstarter project as our debut art gallery, but instead of presenting the latest art trends; we are presenting a corporation.

Without further ado, we present to you:

The First Corporation For the People, By the People – Solving World Problems with Art & Music via Sustainability, Hemp & Vertical Gardens.


Check it ALL out HERE:

Artistic Capitalism & The Cannabis Renaissance: MonsoonMogul


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