What’s up massive and crew? After missing the action for 2 months I am blogging again, thanks for all the fan letters and for filling DJ UMB’s inbox with emails asking for my well-being. I relocated back to the middle east (israel) and went for a brief 1 month visit to India and loved every moment of it. Now I am back with my fingers on the pulse of the global bass scene and I hope to continue to serve as a relay station for the positive bass vibes that are flowing all around us.

AKWAABA just released a mega newsletter that makes me feel like summer is already here! So I am re-posting it for your pleasure. If you aren’t already on their mailing list, hop on: http://www.akwaabamusic.com/

Africa Is The Future

Africa Is The Future (AITF) and Akwaaba met at the Shoot Me film festival in the Hague last fall, during a short film festival focused on Africa. The festival was more of a pretext, as we all knew about each other already, through mutual acquaintances who kept insisting on the similarities between our approaches – they were right!

Our collaboration is a natural and logical fit. AITF considers Akwaaba to be the sharpest label for contemporary African music. And we consider AITF to be not only one of the coolest slogans around, but more importantly a solid team with great vision – have you checked out their short films?

Together, we created a custom AITF x Akwaaba shirt, along with its own AITF x Akwaaba compilation, showcasing a small sample of the modern, often futuristic African music we work with. Buy a shirt from AITF’s online store, and get the compilation with them for free. Or you can check out the music directly here.

Double “Tatali” Remix EP

Today the Tatali Remix EP is out exclusively on Beatport!! And of course our own Bandcamp shop. Wait a couple more weeks to see it pop up everywhere else… Check out the choons.

DJ Los Carlos (Netherlands / Surinam): This up and coming Rotterdam based producer is crazy for kuduro. This is the second time he makes a kuduro remix for Akwaaba, the first one being the great remix of Elegom Bounsa by DJ Djeff and Maskarado.

Kosta Kostov (Germany / Bulgaria): Versatile DJ and producer with roots in the Balkans – both literally and musically, Born in Bulgaria, based in Germany, at home around the world, Kosta recently put out a great EP for UrbanWorld, and is now schooling us to his djigit style.

DJ Reaganomics (USA):  perhaps the artist with the greatest name in the entire world, Reaganomics is a mixtape master, with close to three decades of mashing sounds together under his belt. In recent years Reaganomics has embraced tropical and booty sounds from all over the world. As exemplified quite well with his remix.

Bigote (Spain): Madrid-based multifaceted artist, Bigote moves among photography, visual art and… music. His DJ sets include many Latin American musical genres, as do his productions, bridging the gap between the Americas and Europe.

And don’t you freeloaders forget, we love you too, you can grab the Serious Attention Disorder Minimix for freeeeee right here.

R2Bees “Agyei” Remix Contest

If you haven’t heard of R2Bees, clearly you have not been to Ghana recently. These cats are at the forefront of the newest craze: afrobeats. With an S, and with little to do with Fela Kuti. A couple of years back, their collaboration with Nigeria’s Wande Coal on the song Kiss Your Hand saw them blowing up in Ghana, and to some extent in Nigeria. Fast forward to the fall of 2011, when Agyei was on repeat anywhere you turned your head.

R2Bees is a loose crew with many ramifications in Tema, the new hotbed for music in Ghana. At its core R2Bees is made up of rapper Paedae and singer Mugeez, with Killbeatz handling production. The song features Ghana’s premier rapper Sarkodie, as well as Nana Boroo, the man behind the massive 2010 hit Ahayede. Given that Killbeatz is on top of his game in Ghana, remixers will have to work extra hard to top his flyness. Listen for yourself.

The rules are as follows:

– download the acapella

– do your thing, work your magic, procrastinate on everything else in your life until you are satisfied with the result

– send us a link to download your creation (no attachments please), either by email, or in our Soundcloud dropbox. We can’t stress this enough: make sure your song is properly tagged. Make sure it has your name somewhere in it. And please make sure we can download it, if we can’t download it we won’t listen to it.

– deadline for this contest is March 31.

– winners will be selected with R2Bees, and their remixes will appear on the Agyei Remix EP. Remixers get 33% revenue share on their remix, including direct sales as well as third party licenses.

– if you don’t feel like sending it back, no stress, do anything you like with it. As long as you don’t make money off of it, we’re cool with it. If you want to license it somewhere else, or make money from it in any other way, that’s also possible, but this bit will require our approval.

That’s it!!! Get to your studios ooooo!

Free Stuff

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