Our Diva from baile funk songs, Zuzuka Poderosa, released a new mixtape with Kush Arora, to promote their shows on SXSW. The most important thing to say is: we have amazing remixes in this amazing mixtape! She still producing some songs and walking in the bass music with diferent kind od producers. Check it now in the mixtape:

Zuzuka Poderosa-Carioca Bass Mixtape by Kush Arora

Another kind of Eletrofunk, is in this new mixtape of duo DrunkDisco. They are from South of Brazil, where borned Bonde do Rolê, Chernobyl, Edu K and other great names from Neo Funk. But this mixtape is about eletrofunk. A new genere created by Cleber Mix.

This Eletrofunk talk about eletro songs with portuguese lyrics. Here, the beats of voltmix or tamborzao don’t come up in tunes, it’s just about porn lyrics. Now, this set show the best musics from eletrofunk:


Drunk Disco apresenta DJ Cleber Mix – O criador do ritmo eletrofunk



Wolfram Lange released another great set about brasilian ghetto music. Eletro Pankadão = eletro funk (pankadão is a kind of adjetive to mean baile funk), using remixes from Rio de Janeiro to their own music. As Wolfram said: “While Funk Carioca is stagnating or even declining in Rio, it becomes treated in other parts of Brazil” A big example of it is the mixtape of Cleber mix. But let’s see the mixtape of Wolfram :



So this is it, 3 sets of eletrofunk, and 3 ways to see eletrofunk. To finish the post, some videos about eletrofunk of Cleber Mix:







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