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As its that time of year,we at Generation Bass (inbetween stuffin our faces with Spuds n Stout) thought it would be fun to get a wee Irish theme goin on, so without further ado,we’d like to introduce Temper-Mental MissElayneous.

Question-Who is Temper-Mental MissElayneous ?

Answer- Shes an 19yr old Irish Slam Poet Rapper,forward slash,trained Actress,fashioned by the fiery flame of Finglas in Dublins Northside.Shes a hard hitter,who is not scared punchin well above her weight.With MissElayneous its not a case of where to start, its where to stop.She has so many pearls of wisdom beyond her yrs on display,that she makes the crown jewels look like fake plastic pageantry.This is ‘Charity Shop Bling’ at its most cutting edge.With great gusto she swiftly reminds us that its all about wealth of mind and not the cheap fleeting and vacuous pocket wealth.Her diamonds are her words and thoughts and her EP is dope.Period.Czech it.

First track up is FREE track,’Dominoes’ (could there be a clever twist on the Latin here? In Dominum Dominus etc) Maybe,cos she certainly gets ripped right into the dominating powers and ideologies that permeate our modern day society.Brazen and bold, she tears into the morally bereft,mainstream media with every slashing syllable.Indeed, pretty much every malice thats ever been puked out of our tv screens gets cut to shreds by her well filed cats claws,Im thinkin of Jim Fitpatrick’s famous print of Palu here.It really is difficult to disagree with anything she says,hence,a perfect combo of nodding yer head to the beats,and,at same time,nodding in joyous approval to her every vocallised left jab an uppercut.Armed with Mic + Bodhran (an Irish Frame drum brought to the island by African travellers) she shows no fear,yet her delivery isn’t over aggressive in that off-putting,ugly way ‘certain’ Gangster Bling rappers can be.

She reminds me a bit of Damian Dempsey and Christy Moore,other greats who are never afraid of broaching the polemic.Incisive and poignant,she takes no prisoners and hungrily spares the blade for no one on the dark side.She seems to brim with self confidence and so she should ,she has the gift alright,the gift of the gab and that gab has a mighty jab.As aforementioned,the most difficult thing in writin about her is keepin it short as her lyrical flows pound the imagination centres as she inspires a rush of inspiration in every gasping,cutting and thrusting revelation.MissElayneous is a Lenanshee with a Banshee’s South Paw.If ye dont know,Ireland is represented symbolically by Four Women;Helen,Maive Etain and Fand.Let MissElayneous take her rightful place among them.She earns her stripes by rallying against the daily frontal lobe rape that we all get from the corrupt Politicians backed by their chronies in the,even more corrupt,mainstream Media.Tirelessly,and with pin point precision,she unleasehes her gentil feminine venom on the traditional enemies of self authority.

When John lennon quipped that you have to destroy evil and violence with cut throat wit an humour, MissEl was taking notes at the front of Lennon’s class.Locked tight,she has them in her cross hairs an she aint for lettin them out her sights.Heartwarming,at last, to see someone with the grip of a pitbull,the tongue of an angel, and the mind of Maud Gonne,Kathleen Behan,Bernadette Devlin,mixed with Eve Libertine and Joy de Vivre (from Crass) all rolled into one.I’d love to see her hooked up with Legendary Slam Poet Saul Williams,why not,hes a huge fan of Irish poetry,he cites Yeats as one of his biggest influences and MissElayneous is undoubtedly a fine Irish Poet.Exhibit B your Honour;

Another given,that is also carved in stone,regarding this bright young hope,is that HILL16 Management,thanks to the nod from Irish Writer,Johnny Ferguson,have taken up the mantle,and we will undoubtedly be hearin a LOT from her in the future.HILL16,if u dont know is legendary Frank Murray’s company.Frank was best buddys with Phil Lynott,lead singer of Irish Rock Legends,Thin Lizzy,back in the day.Frank later went on to Tour Manage Thin Lizzy,as well as going on to work with The Specials,The Pogues and Kirtsy McColl to name but a few.In fact he is out in Texas right now at SXSW organising the Paddy’s Day celebrations…..So, to further mark the occasion, here’s some Thin Lizzy and The Pogues to help get ye in the mood for good aul Paddys day Jig.

MissElayneous Abhu.Slan Wa Compadres. 😉

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And no Paddys Day is complete without The Dubliners and The Pogues rattlin out their inimitable version of The Irish Rover.One word;Immortal.


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