I try to tell a story if I can and spend a long time searching for just the right visuals. The music always comes first though. – Hector Heathcote


Hector Heathcote has been at it for some time now. He mashes up videos with unique nu cumbia tracks one wouldn’t even imagine would work together well. But they do and oh how they do. This is the joy of mixing genres and how we all have unique perceptions of how things appear and sound to us.

I always contact the artists after I do a video and never leave them up if it’s not ok with them. I really like playing around with mashing genres. I love the way that through music we can celebrate our differences whilst recognizing what we all have in common.

He has worked a lot with Abel Digital’s tracks which to me have a deep spiritual sound. It’s a real pleasure to have cool visuals to go with his psychedelic sounds.

I fell in love with Mexican cinema whilst doing research and you know what I reckon Tarantino referenced this in the twist contest scene in pulp fiction!

This is such an awesome remix of such an awesome song. It is my favorite Cumbia Sobre El Rio remix hands down!


It’s like when you eat the worm at the bottom of the mescal bottle!


Pa Kongal is a particular favourite. He makes me improve my Spanish because he doesn’t speak English but he’s really cool about my videos. Amazingly, I’ve only ever had one artist who said no, which says a lot about how accessible they are. Basically I’m just a fan who never grew up!


Pa Kongal is most definitely one of my favorites as well. So is Spike Devil Disco.


Meet Hector Heathcote music lover and video mashup extraordinaire. He never ceases to find visuals to go with our eclectic collection of nu cumbia. He works with a lot of other styles too. There are just way too many to mention here so you absolutely must have a look at his portfolio.


Sit tight there’s so much more goodness here I wish to share with you.

It seemed as though I would never escape Ninel Conde at one point in my life. No she wasn’t after me or anything. Bombon Asesino was on top of the Billboard for far too long and people would not seem to let it go. To my relief they did, but now she’s back. However this time I flippin’ LOVE it! DJ Chakruna tears it up on this one with his cumbia-moombah banger of a remix.


El Barba will never fail me when it comes to providing the dopest cumbia-dub on the planet we call Earth. His cumbia barefoot dub style is so dope and unique that as soon as I hear even an intro of his track creeping into a set I know it’s most definitely his.

This time it’s a remix of Circo Vulkano’s well known Fanfarria. The break 3:42 in is just plain evil goodness.


Bongolaser is another one that never fails. His work is so incredible I can and do honestly listen to it over and over. Working with mi hermano Pika, he dropped his new track this week and it’s like I said before, INCREDIBLE!


It’s a real true pleasure to post Al Pacheco on here again. The pleasure I feel comes from his new graveton remix that tingles my ears as I crank it up wearing my headphones.


Listen in this next one for one of the deepest dopest coolest intros you’ll ever hear.


Sandro Dalepedro satisfies my senses from beginning to middle to the very end making me want more. His work is so enticing and I’m very pleased he has a handful for me to dig into.

I can feel this next one tingling through my spine!


Paranoid cumbia is a flavor I’m definitely digging and will soon be craving. It messes me up in all the right ways. Listen to this to know what nu cumbia is all about.


Let DJ Pika Mza take it from here! You could only go right by mixing this one with the last track from Sandro Dalapedro!


Let us slow the flip down shall we. Taking in some Turbo Sonidero Futuristico tumbia will do just the trick. From his series Tumbia De La Semana #15 a new demo that due to this teaser I will go mad if it isn’t completed and released.


Now for a nice turn let’s head over to a new mixtape. All with the dope touch of Don Juan Pachanga, this mix celebrates the joy of Latin music.


Let’s allow Viva La Virgen take us down a peaceful path with her newest mixtape. She brings such nice flow to her mixes. I feel kindred to her style.

Another incredible week of the never ending nu cumbia productions. I’m kept busy doing something I absolutely love to do. What more can I ask for?

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