Meneo is now inna southamerican tour, great vibes from the gameboy show and tropical sounds!!   Check out the flyer!

Anyway, he just released a single with his remix with Aerofustán in Buenos Aires.

About This Release:

Young Guatemalan upstarts Aerofustan debut on Plasma Torus in 2012, seeing the label uncover another of it’s musical facets with a fusion of bumping electronica and Reggaeton, cheekily genrefied as ‘Electropical’ by the duo themselves.

‘La Pegajosa’ is a bitcrushed excursion in dancefloor mechanics. Crunchy synth arifacts circulate the pulsing Moombahton riddim below a hypnotic lead line and moody vocal edits. Sharp weaponry indeed.

The remix from Barcelonian Superstar Meneo ramps up the pace with a choice selection of percussive synth elements and swelling bass.

This release embodies a unique fusion between Moombahton and Cumbia rhythms with crunchy and vibrant synths. Quality stuff.

Written by Pablo García Canga-Argüelles & Carolina Nino Rodríguez
Produced by Aerofustan
Published by Dharma Songs
(P) and (C) 2012 Plasma Torus

Here’s a free mixtape download:

live session recorded at Zombie Club Madrid (3/8/11). A Blend of moombahton, dutch house and electro Uk Funky.

0:00 Jimi Knows – Munchi
1:27 Heads Will Roll – A-Mac (moombahton edit)
3:34 Que Que – Dillon Francis & Diplo feat. Maluca
6:59 Firepower – Datsik (Munchi remix)
8:17 Replica – Neki Stranac
12:20 Face – Zombie Kids (Meneo remix)
16:03 Sometimes – Miami Horror (Hook ‘n Sling remix)
20:25 Squirrel – Jerikan
22:59 Mochachos – Hostage
25:55 Campana feat. Maluca – Tittsworth & Alvin Risk
28:06 Skrillex es un Montro – Munchi
30:04 Twerk – The Living Graham Bond (Tomb Crew remix)
32:08 Poisson Vert – Nobody Beats The Drum (Meneo remix)
35:32 Latin Mayhem – C156
38:23 Bass Cannon – Flux Pavillion – (Audio1 remix)

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