Love and Live Music.

So,this is what happens when Glasgow meets Copenhagen via the medium of Cumbia,or ‘Viking Cumbia Crunk Karaoke’ as the Copia chaps have christened it.Talking of which,wouldn’t it be a treat to hear this gettin battered through a pair of badass bins in Copenhagen’s famous Christiana Barrio,just kicking back,quaffing a few Tropical Mango smoothies and maybe wafting out some righteous smoke signals over the Danish skyline=bliss.

Maybe they will hook up an make the video there,who knows.In Copialandia,Ravey Davey synth stabs and Guiros co-exist in perfect harmony,offering a perfect backdrop for the exemplorary Soom T to notch up some of her world famous,mellifluous mischief making,pon the mic,One thing is carved in stone tho,Soom T  can rhyme,this is pure Glasgowfarian fiyah.

On Fisketorvert Riddim she masterfully exhibits the skills that have seen her collabing with the likes of Mungos Hi Fi,The Orb,Mercury Nominees-King Creosote (with Brian Docherty) and Ken McCluskey of The Bluebells (80s UK Chartoppers) Anyway less of the flapdoodling,just go and grab this now.Respect to the Copia Doble Systema/Soom T crew,for the free DL.

One Love Vibrations and Irations to the  North European Cumbiafarians.


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