There’s various things I’ve been meaning to post here for the past few months but never quite got round to it, so here’s a little round up of the best, global glitchiness and worldwide wonk, with plenty of free downloads scattered throughout. Dig in!

King Deluxe Presents: Year One

King Deluxe, a label I’ve been following closely, celebrated their first birthday back in December with this mammoth compilation mixing forward thinking futuristic bass music with classic Warpesque 90s electronics and unspeakably luscious artwork, as is the way with everything on the label. From the more straight up dubstep of El Haijn’s sinister Out of the Unknown (with a tiny flute sampling lending it a transnational vybe) and ID’s dark (post?) dubstep roller through to slightly more left field offerings from Longwalkshortdock (You Berg – glitchy future bass revisiting Orbital and System 7) and the amazing Aleph (Sulfozinum – slimy 8 bit jujustep (if you’ve ever played Monkey Island, skip this tune to 2:32 and you will agree this is a valid genre)), pretty much every tune on here is a winner.

Grab a couple of freebies:

Aleph – Sulfozinum

El Haijn – Out of the Unknown


BleepBloop’s new free-or-not-free-depending-on-how-generous-you’re-feeling EP takes influences from Footwork, chiptunes and vintage vinyl to create something deliciously weird. FutureVintageFootwork.

Uncomfortable Beats

Uncomfortable Beats drops their second compilation, 10 tracks showcasing the wonkiest Antipodean beatsmiths. In particular check out Able8’s booom-bit-bap banger Home Computer Manual (grab this one free below), Ghostsoul’s psychedelic skanker Dusty Technology – perfect name – and Tape Deck by Cazeaux O.S.L.O, lush bit hop which descends into controlled chaos when the carefully unquantised 4-4 kick comes in. Mannheim Rocket’s Oppersdorff is simultaneously expansive and claustrophobic, a kind of intense but ambiguous ending to the collection.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Able8 – Home Computer Manual


At only 16, XXYYXX shows massive promise here as a producer. Atmospheric garage shuffler LUV U GRL with it’s cheeky R&B sample is the standout here for me, and the opener Eclipse in collab with RuddyP is pure future sundrenched loveliness.


RL Grime

New Yorker Henry Steinway takes on some UK sounds here, his own take on grime & garage. Hold It (check it on the EP, it’s not on his soundcloud so I can’t post it here) is an enormous dark dubstep/grime stomper, and I’m loving the deep dreamy wonkysoul of D33J’s Die 4 Me remix.



3 free tunes on a future garage / wonkysoul vybe, Schlunk lollops along through a THC haze with psychedelic 80s synths cutting through it, amazing stuff.

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