This week Coopz Mucksion & Copia Doble Systema each come with an immense tape of their own work, then we got messyfuture on a filthy garagey bassline tip.

Coopz Mucksion

Hackney native Coopz with a solid selection of his own -step tinged dubs, showing off his tectonic sound – like the devastinging UK stepper Computer Rootsman which comes in around 24 minutes – and his own vocal stylings. From about 36 minutes onwards we go somewhere real psychedelic, with brain melting dub after brain melting dub, finishing with Change on some epic Bladerunner ting.

You can buy some of his stuff on iTunes: Coopz Mucksion – Mucksion Music

1. Crowed Control [Unrelesed]
2. She Odeed [Mucksion Music]
3. Make It [Unrelesed]
4. 2 Grimey [Mucksion Music]
5. The Most High [LambSpread Vol 1]
6. Her Luv [Mucksion Music]
7. Sub Bussiness [Neat Man Vol 1]
8. Lickal Weed Pun Me [LambSpread Vol 1]
9. Major [Mucksion Music]
10. Cold Age [Mucksion Music]
11. Save Me [LambSpread Vol 1]
12. Computer Rootsman [Mucksion Music]
13. I Know [Mucksion Music]
14. Come with Me [Mucksion Music]
15. Rage [Mucksion Music]
16. Police Radio [Mucksion Music]
17. Bill it at 4am[LambSpread Vol 1]
18. Step Up the Luv [Mucksion Music]
19. Evy Bassline [Mucksion Music]
2o. LuvStep [Mucksion Music]
21. Wook Kum Skeng [Mucksion Music]
22. Change [single/2012]

Copia Doble Systema

100% Copia Doble productions, showing off their banging, anarchic cumbia, dancehall and 3ball stylings. Their 3ball take on Maga Bo – Tempos Insanos is indeed totally insanos.

Fisketorvet Riddim (Soom T Dub) – Copia Doble Systema
Drug (Copia Doble Systema Remix) – Lucy Love
Soca Del Mar – Copia Doble Systema
Rundt (Copia Doble Systema Remix) – Raske Penge feat. Klumben
Canto A Mi Machete (Copia Doble Systema & Bigote Remix) – Adolfo Pacheco
Maga Bo – Tempos Insanos feat. BNegão (Copia Doble Systema & Dixone Remix)
Boom! Boom! feat. Shivani – Copia Doble Systema
Sickhead (Copia Doble Cumbia Remix) – Joelito
Rude Boy (Copia Doble Systema Remix) – Hopeton Lindo
Gør Sin Ting (Copia Doble Systema Remix) – Kidd
Tired – Copia Doble Systema feat. Colonel Sonore
Ventilador (Copia Doble Systema Remix) – Ojos De Brujo


Sludgy garage, funky & bassline outta Belfast. Ultimate respect for that last tune 🙂

1.Frenzy – Wandering Eye (Gary D Remix)
2.DJ NARROWS – GARAGE (Ressurection mix – 2012 remaster)
3.French Fries – Crushin On Me
5.ARTIFACT – Archaic Line
6.DJ NAUGHTY – Unstoppable
7.ARTIFACT – Deserted
8.ETHER – Beghe (Pinch remix)
9.Royal-T – It’s Wiley (Instrumental)
10.Walton – Skrilla
11.Mr Solo – Bass Flip (A MILLI VIP)
12.Kyle – Stop
13.ZEDS DEADS – Hit Me
14.LUNG/MAXX ROACH – Booty Call (Randomer remix)
15.DJ NARROWS – Emancipate
16.HOSTAGE – Dutty Horn
17.HOSTAGE – Dreams
18.DJ Q – All Junglist
19.HOSTAGE – Razrr
20.WARRIOR ONE feat AYAH MARAR – Fyah (Des Demure remix)
21.HOSTAGE – Listen
22.HOSTAGE – No Bitch Equal
23.Tomb Crew – Watch This (feat Rubi Dan & Juxci D & Illaman – Bert On Beats remix)
24.STAR EYES – The Night (Hostage remix)
25.DJ Q – Will I Ever Be Free
26.MODESELEKTOR – German Clap
27.Zinc ft no.lay – Killa Sound
28.Green Velvet – Flash

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