Love and Live Music.

From that magnificent nation that brought us Hurricane Bawbag (Local vernacular for male genitalia) we bring you ‘Darth Vader In A Kilt On A Unicycle Playing Bagpipes’.With mighty aplomb, the Scottish have yet again invented another remedy for fortifying against those cruel,cold and wet winter months. Indeed, this little ditty has many elements we cherish most @Generation Bass; Its Transnational, its got skills, Its hilarious and it even has a little tickle of Darkside-ishness. The only thing that could make this funnier is if Susan Boyle and a crack troupe of Riverdancing Ewoks parachuted from above and took out Darth McVadar,singing ‘Donald where’s yer Troozers’ (troozers = trousers in Scotland) Enjoy the mirth. Hoots Wahay Mon.

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