Two weeks ago I wrote about “real” Mexican food for which I received a lot of interesting feedback, mostly stories about how it happens to them often too. Others brilliantly advised me to come try some food in their cities (which I’ll take them up on simply because I absolutely love food). What also came of this was some searching inward into my own mind. I thought of every angle and came to a conclusion involving big business, more specifically the process of branding and how it adheres to human psychology. There is a company here in the United States that sells its service which is a registered trademarked method titled Heart and Mind. These people make million dollar a year companies turn into multi-million dollar a year companies and up. This method isn’t evil contrary to what the plethora of anti-corporation documentaries (designed to make us hate ourselves more than anything) we’ve seen over the years. Basically what Heart and Mind does is they take a brand name and influence people to buy the product under that specific brand using the rather well proven theory that people buy more with their heart than they do with their mind.

For example take if you will the high fructose corn syrup diabetes threat product Coca Cola. One of the world’s finest companies Coca Cola is bad for you! Yes bad yet incredibly tasty. But is the incredible taste the main culprit as to why we purchase it in bulk all over the world? Or is it the emotional connection we have with it? According to extensive research (not done by me of course I’m far too lazy I just am a vulture of researchers hard work after it’s done) it is the latter. We humans make an emotional connection to all things we purchase. Things that remind us of good times, our parents or other family members, old friendships, vacations and holidays, and any other positive memory we might have. A lot of times people when given a choice will choose one product over the other due more to an emotional connection than actual taste for example Cocal Cola over Pepsi or vice versa. Also our minds often seem to  justify the choice of an unhealthy product due to our emotional connection.

All this being said it takes us back to another reason possibly larger reason why people are so incredibly proud of their neighborhood’s food over other neighborhoods (especially when they’re in another neighborhood than the one they’re from). It’s a psychological connection making them feel comfort. Is it really that much to do with taste after all? Maybe a little bit but there are too many variables when it comes to taste because I love food that’s not from my neighborhood. I am not from Brooklyn but I swear in DUMBO (an area standing for Directly Under Manhattan Bridge-O (didn’t want to call it dumb, true story look it up)) there is a pizza parlor that in my opinion produces the best tasting pizza I’ve ever had. And trust me I’ve had a lot of Pizza from all over. That being said you can keep “true” Italian pizza the flip away from me because it’s basically cheese, sauce, and dough without much flavor. This is my shout out to NY! But also it’s my point that taste doesn’t have as much to do with choice as much as one would think when compared to emotional (psychological) connection.

My last example is this picture.










Why would anyone decide in my fair city to go out of their way to purchase cheddar cheese imported from Chihuahua, Mexico? The last time I checked there wasn’t such as thing as Mexican cows or for that matter neither is there such a thing as Canadian or French cows. Cows are cows. Cheddar cheese, while sure some brands may taste better than others but unless you’re a cheese snob no one will notice a difference, is cheddar cheese. (I hope my room mate doesn’t read this post. She is the reason for all the “real Mexican food” debate).

Again you might be asking yourself as you most likely often do, “what on Earth does this have to do with cumbia?” I will answer that question by saying for the past few weeks my fellow blogger and I have been examining nu cumbia and global music and how it incorporates many different styles from many different cultures. There are some styles of music too uncomfortable to venture out into the large world but cumbia like rock and jazz (among most other genres) is not afraid to mix with other cultures all across the world. We made two posts about this on NuCumbiaExperience.Com where went far deeper into this discussion. If you feel the desire to read them you can find them here and here.

One track and a real exciting eye-opening pleasure for me was from Nice J a Japanese DJ and producer. Nice J is deeply connected to and influence by music from around the world. Japanese cumbia now given the title J-Cumbia was difficult for me to visualize at first but after giving it more time I saw the connection to my great pleasure.

Check out Nice J’s new Japanese moombahton track too. It’s really awesome how he incorporates the Oriental sounds. Here is another really awesome Nice J cumbiaton track.

Let’s go to the other side of the world shall we. Right on over to Chile with our eccentric genius friend Cholita Sound and her unique handycraft-electro-dembow-andino sound she’s known for. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Cholita Sound live that being said I haven’t lived yet but am looking for to living. Here she is channeling electro Andean spirits.

Just in time is Spike Devil Disco’s Cholita remix of El Gallito. Spike has been hard at work on this track wracking his brain to get it just right. The synth bass and little synth breaks are perfect. This is a really good deep cumbia remix. It’s one of my favorite Cholita remixes.

I’ll never escape the grip chicha has one me definitely not that I wish to either. Black Mambo hits us with nu chicha or rather electro chicha with Caballito Nocturno.

Lima, Peru continues to prove to us to be a hot-bed of creativity and genius. DJ Chakruna as with Deltatron among many others keeps this perception alive and rather quite evident. You can hear the evidence right now.

To learn about all things chicha there truly is one source that exceeds all others and that source is Sonido Chichadelico. He writes his Chichadelia Blog and spins on Radio San Bolsa. Here is his new chichaton remix of my favorite Peruvian group Los Destellos’ song La fuga de Meche y Valeria.

Before I move on from Peru I must post a new track from Lima resident Chong X. Cumbiaton comes naturally to this moombahton heavy producer. Here he is in his Peruvian surroundings with his cumbiaton.

Stereo Revuelta delivers a unique edit with hints of dubstep sneaking in and out of it. He cleverly calls it guarachupstep.

It takes cumbia to make salsa move out of its comfort zone (reggaeton too but eh that’s not a huge stretch at least geographically speaking). With the help of Snow Balderas Carnaval has taken the cumbia route once again. The fact that I have heard more than one other cumbia remix/edit of this song doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep doing it. I’m glad Snow Balderas did otherwise we wouldn’t have this dope party favorite to play out at the parties.

El Salto Del Tigre delivered this incredibly dope Daft Punk Stronger remix onto the internet sound library a few days back. It is dope I swear. People will take this into to parties as soon as they hear it.

Sometimes I don’t hear every track that comes onto the scene. I’m consumed with this task daily (much to my pleasure) but some sneak through the cracks between my fingers. Fortunately many of you get to them before me and that’s good. So oh well it’s been five months and has taken me five months to finally hear this cumbia balkanica track released by Extra Estrada Records.

The beats in Mezcal Sound System’s new track NO are intoxicating. MSS brings me on a trip with this one, as I’ve said before I’m a fan of repetition and subtlety. A true nu cumbia experience awaits you.

From the streets of Bogota we get a world message from Dragao Style. The track is an awesome mix of hip hop, cumbia, and cumbiaton at its finest.

Back over to Chile we find Waxuma producing a unique flavor of mind bending prehispanic music. It puts me in a trance I find myself enjoying.

El Lobby Sound the project of Jose Antonio Cuadrelli of Alto Peru brought this deep cumbia dub onto my Facebook group this week. Here is another great intoxicating trip from one of cumbia dub’s greats.

Hip hop and cumbia meet once again with great relations in Dany F’s new track Gozela.

One of my all time favorite reggae greats is Jimmy Cliff. He was greatly over-shadowed by Bob Marley and even a bit by Toots and the Maytalls but he was and still is seriously awesome. I first saw his movie he directed and starred in The Harder They Come when I was maybe 13 years old. I still have a lot of his old stuff and when I get the chance to show him respect I will. And here we go with the respect largely with the help of Kinky Electric Noise at the helm. I thank Kinky Electric Noise for this remix of a classic (which was also a legendary track for The Clash).

Our good friend RomanTurboSonidero Zepeda produced an awesome video of an equally awesome remix of hip hop artist Olmeca. I’m looking forward to seeing the full movie.

I end this post with one more track. It’s a new mixtape for the spring season from the beloved Copia Doble Systema. It feels like spring time.

Before I leave you my dear friends I wish to introduce you to a whole new innovative social media tool. A good friend of mine not only came up with this idea but he programmed it entirely. And it really works! If you are a Twitter type which I know many of you are then this is perfect for you. Basically you can group up your favorite people on Twitter into groups of five and have their tweets sent to your email every day. This way you weed out all the other tweets you don’t find as important and get the tweets from the day of the people you want to read from. You can make as many groups as you like and have them sent to your email. What this is also good for is for producers, bloggers, bands, and dj’s to connect with their fans easier so as to make sure they don’t miss important promotional tweets. Check it out. It’s entirely free and easy to use. I look forward to seeing this blow up. It’s called Tweets by Email. Click on the letters in the last sentence or go here Try it out!

Cumbieros it’s been fun and it’s far from over for me. Until next week…


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