Nice lil’ mix here full of Trans Dub vibes.

Various Artists MiXZed by XZENTRADI on Serato with Technics turntables.

A special blend of world, organic and metaphysical bass music for those making the journey in consciousness. 2012…… Time to get spiritual!

Nightshade & Espionage – Common Thread
Akasha – The Secret
Akasha – From The Other Side
Kalya Scintilla – Listen With Your Heart
Melodik – Heat
Unsub – Causality
Alexis K – State Of Play (Unsub)
David Starfire – Shakti (Jef Stott Remix)
Shamanic Technology – Alone In The Dark
Planewalker – Wuzdat Wobble
Hellfire Machina – Something In The Dub
Desert Dwellers – Spinning Out Of Nothingness (Eastern Sun Dela Remix)
Melodik – Rapture
Bumble – Gracias Por Todo
Sixis – Synthetic Dawn
Ketz – Yaadein (Feat. Rita Morar)
Ges E & Osmani Soundz – The Calling (Morphy Remix)
Kaminanda – Heaven and Earth
Whitebear – They Came In Hordes
Meat Axe – Downtown Brown
Stickbubbly – Hell Oh Hell
Shamanic Technology – Universal Connectivity
Kalya Scintilla – Epic Synthesis
Gramatik – The Drink Is Called Rakija
Shamanic Technology – Lesson 2
Kalya Scintilla – Break Belief Bounce
Nico Luminous – Gypsy Bitz
Kaminanda – The Yum Factor

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