Yep, time for a bit of self promo to begin this week, with a little global bass excursion from andykisaragi (aka me), followed by Huskii with half an hour of Electro Champeta and finishing with a Twin Peaks-themed curveball from Gabriel Jasmin.


So this is a mix I recorded for myself last month but it’s suddenly come into its own now that the sun is shining here in the UK and it feels like time to share it. Bhangra / moombah / haus / funky. Special shout out to Old Money cos not only did I use their tune Mothership in this mix, I also first heard Nina Simone’s See-Line Woman on an Old Money mix I posted here a while back, and it’s a pivotal tune on my mix here.

DOWNLOAD: andykisaragi Feb 2012 mix

Jagmohan Kaur – Jagga Jammiah
Ashok Phralvi – Banh Tut Gayi
Gurbhej Brar – Gidheh Vich Nach
Panjabi MC – Mundian To Bach Ke
Seeed & Elephant Man – Shake Baby Shake
Sticky K – Persian Algebra
Shazalakazoo – Bang!
Ackeejuice Rockers – Wade in the Water
Nina Simone – SeeLine Woman
Fatima Al Qadiri – Hip Hop Spa
Donaeo – Party Hard
Sticky – Jumeirah Riddim Sequel
Old Money – Mothership
Zed Bias & Omar – Dancing (instrumental)
Round Table Knights – Calypso
Gucci Vump – Shashtilism


Have you heard the theory that consuming two bananas and a kiwi fruit releases the same amount of serotonin in your brain as Prozac?
Half an hour of Electro Champeta has the same effect.

I can confirm this.

DOWNLOAD: Now That’s What I Call Electro Champeta!

La Turbina – Artis Elio Boom
Undele To` La Champeta – Luigi Sound Selectah
El Sapo (Ken Remix) – Son Palenque
El Vacilon Del Mike – Yeye Dj
Suelta La Manca – Mr Black
Pull Up (Criollo Champetup Rfx) – Mr Vegas
Bondo Décalé – Grandpamini
El Gozon (Electro Champeta Remix) – Kinky Electric Noise
Fraudian Slip (Uproot Andy Remix) – A.J. Holmes And The Hackney Empire (Ft. Kastro)
El Maki Man (Aj Holmes & The Hackney Empire Remix) – La Makina Del Karibe

Gabriel Jasmin

I just started watching Twin Peaks for the first time ever last week (yeah I know, over twenty years late to that party, it’s still mind blowing now though) & the soundtrack has been rattling round my head the whole time. This mix I found on Slackula requires little introduction beyond the title: New Music That Could Have Been On The Twin Peaks Soundtrack. Great selection of creepy ass songs.

DOWNLOAD: New Music That Could Have Been On The Twin Peaks Soundtrack

1. Cocteau Twins – Lazy Dream
2. Lantern – In the Night Alone
3. Sleep Over – Outer Limits
4. Mazzy Star – Blue Light
5. Julian Lynch – Garden III
6. Dirty Beaches – Europa Auto Body
7. Mojave 3 – Love Songs on the Radio
8. Jen Paul/No Lakes – Valentine Grove
9. Jeans Wilder – Light Sleeper

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