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All Aboard The Transnatty Express! Sarah Young drops a BELTER of an EP which will rattle the rafters in every Bass club from Babylon To Brazil and back to Blighty again.

Well well well,this Young lady been causing quite a stir lately. In the past year or so she has hooked up some pukka little sponsorship deals an got herself some pretty happenin hype. Clash mag  just interviewed her but that didnt stop us lot from wantin to poke our collective Gen Bass nose in her Badgyal bidniz. More to come on that later.

In the meantime,it hardly needs to be said,the ubiquitous Sarah Young is a busy bee. Djin in Clubs  all over Londinium,she has teamed up in the past with with a pretty exciting bunch of trailblazers such as; Donaeo, Mz Bratt, Mistajam, Toddla T, Swindle, Jammer, Roses Gabor, David HeartBreak, Lioness, Dynamite MC, J2k and RedLight. She even has her own Radio slot and has had her mixes played on the likes of BBC 1Xtra. Her  shows on Nasty FM are professional, chirpy, thorough and she always drops a ton of class beats and just as many exclusives. Before we get down to propa bizniz lets establish some ground rules.

First up this is a Global Bass EP from the UK (UK=The Untied King dom or The North Atlantic Isles as some of us non Jingoists prefer to call it 🙂 This EP is also ‘TRANSNATIONAL’. What are we on about?

Who better than Dj UMB to give us his Definition Of A Boombastic ‘Transnational’ Thang. I asked him, what encouraged him to redefine that, which is more commonly known among certain ‘twoddle class sandle wearers’ as ‘World Music’ (arghhh the pain, I’m melting) like a whirlwind on Pro Plus UMB replied as only he could;

”World Music to me is a Colonial term.

It represents to me all that is wrong and bad in this world.

It represents a f****d up mind-set. It says to me that non-western music is not worthy of a title like Rock or Hip Hop or Jazz and you know why? Cause the mindset that came up with that term were still living on colonial time and they didn’t feel that Rai, Gnawa, Bachata, Salsa etc etc were worthy of being a 1st class citizen like Rock, Jazz, etc etc.

They felt it was inferior and so they bracketed all music from such countries in an umbrella term and called it World Music.

Apart from that f****d colonial mindset, what does world music mean?

To me it means Madonna, Rihanna, U2, Coldplay etc etc, that is all world music. All music is from this World, so it is World music.

It’s a term that makes no sense cause it was invented by nonsense people trying to continue the British Empire.’

Gallus,any excuse to post this for the uninitiated.


Now we’ve squared that up lets get this show on the road. An buckle up eh, cos were goin a magic carpet ride, an we’ve a mighty scirocco on our tail, btw, that’s not the wind u hear whislting, it’s a Sufi Heterophony, back of the class, pay attention, it’s party time and everyone has to bring their own psilocybin punch.

Ok,this is Traveller’s music and lets be honest here, we’re ALL Travellers, we’re all moving to an from somewhere, whether its in our minds or in our Earthboots, we all travellin’ thru time. I’m also thinking Oceans of Consciousness, Transcendental Vibrations, The Universal Field, The Fantastic Voyage and other Supracensory Meditations.

Now were onto my Bombastic Definition of The Transnatty. Yup,that was defo a ripple in the phorce. I’m hearin’ Inner Growth, Jasmine chords, Jade green synths, percussion like a butterfly wing colliding with raindrops in Monsson season. This is musical colour with scent of Saffron, ancient Myrrh and Olive Branch. Scintillas of pearly dew drops scuffle with seven octaves. Thirteen notes are pursued and harnessed by the seering wind and heat of a Sub Saharan sandstrom. As the Sun (SOL-omon) rises in the East, I’m sure I hear Ibn Al Arabi whisper somethin about vastness, light and depth, now theres talk of the Evolution of Creativity. Father Imhotep Himself just popped his head though the Nebulus, breathed deeply three times an bellowed something about The Origin of All. Original.

The meaning of @Sarah’(in Hebrew and adopted by Gitano/Gypsy-Etymology of GYP-sy being Out Of e’GYP’t) is Princess.Young (In Irish Gaelic is ‘Og’ = ‘Tir Na Og’=’Land of The Young’, which is Irish ‘Nirvana’ or ‘Heaven’.(It’s where we all go when we shake off our silted mortal coil)

I told you eh, today is Transnatty Definitions Day. An’if u havent got it yet we are exploring The ONENESS of all things whilst ‘ceremoniously’ smashing through borders, chekpoints and frontiers. One Love anyone? So yeah, Sarah Young has taken music home. Alpha to Omega and back Home again to Afrika. Good on her, she’s heard the call. Give Thanks And Praise.

Ok back to the jive, am hearing Ancient MusikAlchemical reverberations. The World Lies Within’ avec a Trinidad of Treble Clefs and Upanishads pon d mic. Hope you dont mind if we try and sharpen the owl Musical Intellect now.

You can even hear the bass rumble in far off Pleiades and not the crappy Alpha Male keech that smells like the underside of Beezlebub’s leftover steak pie but a warm Algebraic type of Bass. Subtractive even, as in resonating from the Kemet, like old school Ethiopian ‘Pebble Counting’. U know the one, yeah that one, the ancient code broken by African merchants hundreds of years before the modern computer was even invented and on which our entire modern Computing system is founded, Global(ly) Bass’d even.

Binary bass codes mixed with Hue-Man.’Not enough Afrika in Computers’ apparently, (cheeky Brian Eno- our Global Bass comps are gem packed full of Africa) Indeed  computer DNA is inherently Afrikan, as Ethiopia is in Afrika, it’s a continent not a country, remember? Also massivley diggin the Drum pattern Geometry on this EP, despite the lockjaw’d tempos, Sarah still manages to capture the essence of those highly adept Anlo-Ewe Polyrhythmns.

This EP is like an oasianic cul de sac of verdant palm trees in the middle of the concrete jungle where we dwell. It’s II Tone Music that boots Enoch Powell flat on his decomposing fandango, it boots him so hard even Eric Claptout is wincing. Rivers Of Dread Beat Ina Blood, Streams of collective consciousness, streets paved with Gold, Frankinscence and Myrrh (again gifts from Abyssinia) and these streets, our streets, are now embalmed with Cola nuts, Palm wine, Khoisan, Igbo Yoruba, Fulani, Bameleke, Zulu, Incata, Sufi, Masai, Songais, Highlife,  Bantu, Quawali, 12 Tribes of Judah, Lions on Mount Zion.  Arc of The Covenant. African Fractals launch into hyperspace and fly through the galaxy talking Native Tongues.  It’s a new Paradigm.  A Kaleidoscope of Afronauts climbing The Intergalactic Tree of Musical Knowledge and hand in hand we dance to The Mystery.  Medicus Curat Imhoteps Musica Sanat. The Trinity is complete. Idaltu to Sapiens. Herto Bouri. Repeat Ad Infintum and Create.



‘I Am Sarah Young” Tracklist and Line-up

1. Ajambo Si ft. Slick Don and Lioness ( Kuduro, featuring Lioness & Slick Don)

2. Dumbahton ( Moombahton, Bhangra, Dutch House & Dirty South style Mash up)

3. Ride & Whistle ft. Dynamite MC & Natasha Shyrose ( Soca )

Heres what UMB had to say about Sarah’s EP:

“Sarah Young is establishing herself in the UK Transnational Bass scene in no time at all with her vigorous self-promotion and hype BUT her free debut EP released in conjunction with world-wide brand Addidas, more than lives up to that hype! This EP surprised the hell out of me because if this is just a taster of things to come, I have no doubts that we will be witnessing the birth of something very special here. One of the most refreshing things I’ve heard in 2012 thus far in the Transnational Bass scene! This has commercial hit written all over it!!!!'”

Heres a lil’ peak behind the scenes ie ‘the making of’

KDL- And now to the interview mobile!

KDL-I see this is a CD release,when will it be available to download digitally?

SY-Same day! We’re releasin’ an online version too. xx

KDL-Haha ok i was a bit worried there, can u tell me more about the Mcs, why u chose them, what impressed u about them  and did u let them do their thing or was there a theme u wanted them to address?

SY-Yeh, i wanted to get UK talent on the EP as although i do Global Bass and all my influences are from across the globe its important to rep your own. I had to have a female mc on Ajambo si, and Lioness was perfect, she a big  MC here in the UK and always comes up with the lyrical goods. On the Ajambo track i also wanted to create a conversation between Lioness and a male MC, so i chose Slick Don who’s worked with man like Toddla T. He’s real fresh talent from up north, i love his accent, he’s got a really nice rythmical flow and is cheeky, which is exactly what i needed for this track as its all about boooootay. As for Dynamite mc, what a legend, known him for years and years from when i was about 17/18 and always secretly wanted to work with, so when i sent him Ride & Whistle and he said he loved it, it was like, yessss! i love writing so i was quite involved in the lyrical process and direction, i think that’s very important.

KDL-Ok great stuff can now just tell me a bit about ur musical background, home school, college to present day. Also do u play instruments? What software do u use and what kit u have in the studio.

SY-Grew up in a mad musical family, my Mother played like a million instruments including piano, classic guitar, flute etc.Whilst growing up, however,my choice of instrument was the drums. I hated school so much, the only time i was happy when i was in music and art class, there was something about creating things that gave me peace. I sung from when i was 7 to 15 quite intensely, i went to the Academy of Contemporary Music here in the UK between the ages of 12-15, studied Song Writing, Production and Vocal Training, this is where i really came out of my shy shell and got a taste for performing. I didn’t really know djing was a career option until i was 17 and started going out, and the boyfriend of my best friend at the time was a dj and we would be out every night behind the dj booth, and i would watch him and think… hmm i can do that! Rest is history! So yeh i play drums, im alright on the keys, i use Logic and just went to Ableton for live gigs, which is weird after being on CDs for so long, but i love it. I really wanna buy Maschine so bad, and dunno Melodyne for vocals! i’m just moving house now so i cant wait to set up my own home studio!!

KDL-Amazin,So what is ur favourite Organic Musical Instrument sound?

SY-The instrument you hear on Ajambo si in the intro is from a carved out sweet potato with metal pluckers attached, kinda like a Sanza, i picked it up in South Africa 4 years ago, so i love that. But i especially love the Sitar, its the most beautiful sound in the world.

KDL-Can u list lifetime influences plz, from cradle to present day

SY- From day 1 until 5 -Mozart, Billie Holiday, Ravi Shankar. Ages 5-13. Sergio Mendes, Latin music parents would play at parties. Samba and Mambo, Spice Girls, Bob Marley (+ David Rodigan on Radio) Luck and Neat, early UK Garage music, Craig David (ahhhhh!) Eternal, Warda and old skool Arabic music. Ages 13-18 started out djing Grime, loved all things lyrical!! Dizzee Rascal, Roll Deep, Jill Scott, Timbaland, Soul 2 Soul, Vybz Kartel and Afrojack, De Opposites (Dutch rap group) Beyonce, all day everyday, would drive parents mad. De la Soul Slick rick,I’m obsessed with 90’s hiphop! I also tried out mixing Dutch house with latin sounds when i first got booked for gigs. Ages 18-22 Kuduro, Baile Funk, Reggaeton, Neo Soul, Dirty South, Chicago Footwork,Juke, Rap, Bhangra and then met Moombahton! rest is history 🙂

KDL-Interesting list! Ok what gigs u got coming up?

SY-Playing at hidden on the 20th april along side all the Big Boys, Munchi, Nadastrom. gonna be sick + a whole load more, check the website!

KDL-(behold below d flyer 🙂

KDL-Any albums in the pipeline?

SY-yikes. i’m hoping 2013 might be album year!! i’ve got a few more EPs to go before that .

KDL-Where do u live in London, do u feel ur environment has a big influence on ur music..I see u speak a few languages as well, do u find being bi-lignual is a major influence on ur love of global bass?

SY-Yeh London in my eye is the only city in the world i’ve been too where it is so so so ridiculously diverse. On one street you can have over 30 cultures living together. London is like a mini world, in terms of music, it is very rich and blessed. Here in london reggae, dancehall and bashment there is a big scene and i would say that has been a major influence on what i play and what im starting to produce. In terms of languages, i think for any global bass producer its wise be able to converse in a few different languages and have an understanding of many different cultures and even religions. Holland has been a massive influence on my music, the whole dutch house scene and defo being able to speak it has helped me understand the culture of their music. In terms of Arabic and other influences, this is the music i grew up listening to and a culture i can really relate to, i actually really want to research Yemenite music and music of Hebrew/Jewish origin.

KDL-There are lot of noises bein made right now emanating from the Moombahton quarter, what would u like to say to the knockers on the outside and which artists do u think are making headway and impressing u the most within the scene

SY-Big fan of boyfriend and Cabo Blanco. Also big on what Frank Mendez has done for the scene, he is really pushing. Babysteps and 2deep seem to be constantly releasing bangers and there hussle seems to be right on point! Punx Sound Check are also putting there experience with big dubstep basslines into making some Moombahton and Core bangers. Also big up all the UK moombah fam, the boys beind Moombah Ldn, Smutlee, Ginger etc All of those crew are trying to form a Moomabah UK group, i think thats the way forward!

KDL-Likewise can u show some love for Global Bass Artists

SY-David Heartbreak, Munchi, Oliver Twizt, Buraka Som Sistem (and Blaya) Hard House Banton, Schlachthofbronx, Diplo,Slick Shoota, Guerilla Speakerz, Baloji, Rashid,Brenmar, Gnucci banana … i could go on!

KDL-What would be ur ideal dream gig and with whom and where?

SY-I have 2 ideal gigs, maybe more dream gigs! One on a huge massive stage in central park in new york, with Common as my hype man and Jay Z as a surprise guest and it would be a free gig so everyone could roll through. Second would be headlining one of those mega shows in Brazil, because when they do concerts over there, they do it BIG, i’d prob get Dave Nada, Heartbreak, Munchi and Beyonce to pop through for that:) Oh also I would love to play a straight Moombahton set in Jamaica on a beach, i think that would be dumb dope.

KDL-So whats next for Sarah Young?

SY-For the month of April apart from playing out im gonna be locked away in the studio geeking out with all my new equipment working on next ep, also re launching website and gonna aim to give a free track away each 3 weeks to a month. gona be in North America and hopefully plans to go to the UAE at some point this year, can’t say much more, but keep it locked! Also i am pretty independent, as in i dont have an agent or manager or label, i’ve tried to keep it like that for as long as possible, but i think cause it’s all getting a bit busy i’m gonna need to give in and get a team lol maybe ill acually be on time for things then!

KDL-Nice one Sarah, thanks for ur time. Good Luck with all, Go In Peace To Love and Serve The Bass! 🙂

Now for the goods:

Sarah Young – Ajambo Si feat Lioness and Slick Don

Sarah Young – Dumbahton

Sarah Young -Ride & Whistle Feat Dynamite MC & Natasha Shyrose

Official Press release;

‘Sarah Young would like to introduce ”i am Sarah Young” EP out 29th March 2012 Representing Global Bass, DJ Sarah Young brings you her highly anticipated debut EP aptly titled ‘i am Sarah Young’ . Kuduro, Dutch House, Moombahton, Bhangra, Soca and Dirty South, Sarah takes inspiration from native traditional music from a selection of countries and continents and pulls it apart to create a cultural blend of music that is made for the club.Go grab your free CD at the Earlham street adidas Store from the 29th March. A free download will also be launched to the public on the 29th on the adidas Facebook Page and Twitter.An ‘Introducing DJ Sarah Young’ behind the scenes mini documentary will also be launched online on the 29th.’

Post Script;

Brought to you by Adidas, same company that kitted out Jesse Owen with his track shoes in the 1936 Olympics.

Addis Ali Babassynia.Abaracadabra.1001101010010 Arabian Binary Nights.

*Waves at the blingy book burning Anti-Intellectual division*

Hasta la Proxima – Khev de Leon

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