My head has been all over the place with music this week. One of my favorite bands (favorite band around today) The Mars Volta released their long awaited new album on Tuesday which inspires me to pick up my guitars and jam out which in turn makes me miss my old band days. The thought of forming a new band or joining up with old friends came across my mind but I have to seriously ask myself if I’m up for another band where I write 90% of the music and gig where people end up covering their ears or walking out. I used to love this actually. It made me feel like I was progressive and ahead of the times like when The Sex Pistols first took to the stage. But in reality we probably were simply awful. The good thing about those experiences (which weren’t all that bad) is that they humbled me. That’s the life of being in a psychedelic progressive band. I wonder if the same experiences were shared by Genesis in the old days when Peter Gabriel was the lead singer.

Also I do remember when The Mars Volta first came out they were an opening act for horrendous main stream bands like System of a Down where I would end up fighting aggressively with other audience members who despised what they were hearing from TMV. I had a similar experience when they opened for The Red Hot Chili Peppers even with Flea and John Frusciante’s support. Now however they are the headliners. Sometimes it just takes the audience time to get on board.

The audience getting on board aspect of my above story has changed significantly in the past few years. Due to the mainstream now a term meaning just another stream losing its influence on the airwaves because of our wonderful internet experience, we now have access to all types of music where no middle man, save bloggers, is needed. Generation Bass started just at the right time for this now true mainstream takeover. I must say I’m quite proud of being able to blog here as the middle man. Hopefully I won’t lose any steam if Anonymous pulls off their great hack, which to be honest I’m excited for.

To start things off I choose the track that’s been the talk of the week from Caballito’s Bigote. Creating a deep vibe graveton remix Bigote chose Guillotine by Death Grips. Bigote is an eccentric genius making this a perfect example of what may or may not be how his mind operates.

Here is a dope video for the same track.

Maybe I’ve missed it but this is the only cumbia edit I’ve heard of this Loca People. El Salto De Tigre blends in the cumbia flawlessly creating a perfect edit.

I have a couple here from Albert DJ showing his love for classics respectfully. Anyone gigging should download these for their next night.

Explosian Negra is a Colombian group in Medellin that stays true to their Afro-Colombian roots mixing in chirimia, currulao, and porro elements. But also with a more modern hip hop dancefloor aesthetic. By the way this is produced by Thornato.

More from producer Thornato is this Armando Hernandez edit.

It was a pleasure stumbling upon DJ Lukas. His tracks are dope and hit me just right. I know nothing about him. Therefore you can call what I’m doing here New Journalism. Pumping out a massive blog a week limits my ability to communicate and reach everyone in the time span allotted. However I try my best for you.

Though this is not always the case for me because I do have the privilege to speak to many weekly. One of my favorites to listen to and even speak with is the hard-working Captain Cumbia in Paris. While not setting up shows for him and others he finds the time to produce some of the best cumbia edits and remixes one can find on the streams.

Mashing up the great legendary producers Sly and Robbie with western movie themes to the back drop of a cumbia rhythm as the heartbeat, here is Captain Cumbia’s newest product.

If you would like to hear cumbia mixed with electro, house, and disco then I have just the thing for you. From G. RabbitDirtyRedEyes comes El Dirty Sonidero – CumbiaBoom.

One can always count on Sound Way to bring the coolest new cumbia to our attention. In Cali, Colombia lives producer Quantic and his studio band Los Miticos Del Ritmo. They have a new entirely instrumental analogue recorded LP coming out on April 30th. Here is a single from it, a new take on Another One Bites The Dust.

If you find your head stuffed up due to allergies this season this may not cure you but it will join you with your stuffy headiness as almost the soundtrack for your thoughts.

A small mini mini mix from JC Kiru mixes together Jerry Rivera (I refuse to say Shakira, hey respect is due) and one of my all time favorite cumbia tunes Todo Me Gusta De Ti. Amor Ciego a cumbia love mix.

Axolete Pachuco came out with this dope cumbia dancehall track this week fitting perfectly with my warm city heat outside.

I love Terror Negro records of Lima and plan to write an expose about them in the near future. One of the best people on board with them is Sonidos Profundos.

[email protected] dropped this dope dubby cumbia edit this week.

Sonido San Francisco has brought us some fun cumbia over the recent years. Genero Romantico is the one track most of us know. Enrikisimo puts his nice golden touch on it.

DJ Avatar takes on a trip to a world of the old and new with his new tropical minimix. This is perfect road trip music for me. I might just purposely take a road trip this weekend for that reason alone.

Quiza quiza quiza two of Fiestas Pirata members Spike Devil Disco and Pa Kongal will make a great collaborative effort. Quiza es verdad? Si, es muy verdad.

Speaking of Spike check out his newest work a fuzzy cumbiaton edit.

Turbo Sonidero Futuristico has been faithfully keeping his tumbia of the week series alive for 18 weeks now and this one is my favorite of all of them so far. In the spirit of the Caifanes cover of La Negra Tomasa here is his own dark version.

I have to give it to Canalh followed by DJ Umb for turning me on to Los Chinches when Canalh covered them on his blog recently and Umb sent over an email. I as anyone who knows me favor psychedelic chicha in the world of cumbia. Los Chinches is the band I wish to be a member of. Mixing Peruvian rhythms with UK based sounds. Movimiento Records will be releasing Los Chinches new album Fongo this summer. But don’t fret here you can have access to a free download as well as a mixtape showcasing the tracks on the album.

Here is the mixtape.

The free download of La Serpiente Negra is right here.

If you happen to live in the UK region of the globe then I have some dates where you can catch them performing live next month and into the summer.

April 7th: Hootananny Brixton (London)

April 13th: Worm, Rotterdam (Holland)

April 14th: Rasa, Utrecht (Holland)

April 15th: Paradiso, Amsterdam (Holland)

April 27th: La Linea Festival, Village Underground (London)

June 30th: The Making Festival, Basingstoke

July 21st: Secret Garden Party

July 22nd: Ealing Global Festival

August 7th: Olympic Village

More dates to come so keep an eye and ear out.

These posts seem to keep growing in size and I love it. I love how many of you out there keep getting inspired to produce nu cumbia tracks. It’s hard keeping up with all of you, it’s practically a 24/7 process for me but I love it and wouldn’t change things for the world.

Keep the dope work coming.

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Oh here’s my new edit of Billy Idol in a cumbia style.


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