A huge month with some truly massive a long awaited releases hitting the internet.. CHECK IT… (image from Pixel Monster)



This is from a CD the swedish Chip master goto80 released last year (the Cherry CD buy it here) but was only uploaded recently it is an amazing bit of amiga bass action… And if you are so inclined you can check out the .MOD source file here



The follow up album to last year’s zOMG! and holy shit does it deliver.. essentially an album comprised of 3 EP’s each varying slightly in style showing a wide breadth of diversity. The track Minger we highlighted last month is not the only banger on here and really the whole thing is best listened from start to finish… Definitely the best Cheapshot release to date and going to be on my high rotation for a while.


Droid On

Brazilian abstract Chip Bass, has some really large moments in these tracks and there is a great dissonant and wonky quality to all of them that is really unique.


Knife City

Long awaited release from the Anamanaguchi drummer.. This includes the track that slayed everybody at Blip festival Last Year “Slam Dunk Lifestyle” other than that it has some of the best programmed gameboy dance music you are likely to ever hear!



Some absolutely solid Chip Dub out of Latvia really nails that reverby dub vibe and has some great groove going on.



And the Latvian Skwugg/Skwømp king doesn’t stop this month coming out with a bit more of a skweee release less chip but still equally original and heavy hitting!



This is an older release that this month was put up for free download.. definitley worth a revisit and still holds up against most the stuff being produced now.. solid rocking chipbass out of Argentina.


Maddest Kings Alive

This is a pre-release of sorts I guess with a few more tracks still to be added but what is there so far is rocking. Amazingly chopped grooves and a perfect blending of chip and sample based material.


A short EP of ambient footwork influenced Chip.. the most innovative release to come out in a long time.. download the whole thing here and get a snippet preview below



Blip Festival Australia happened last month and there was some really killer Chip Bass acts (Abortifacient and Monodeer stand out in my mind). Lazerbeat from Japan really did deliver though and he has put his whole set up as a download from bandcamp.. abrasive slow chipbass grind..

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