Schlachthofbronx dropped their second studio album “Dirty Dancing” on Disko B (cop it off iTunes).

The album is a great collection of 12 booty bass tunes of ghetto tech, juke, UK bass, cumbia, dancehall/reggae and features artists like Warrior Queen, DJ Assault, Puppetmastaz, Doubla J, Natalie Storm and the brilliant Gnucci Banana.

This collection firmly cements their reputation as the leading Global Bass Dance act, second to none.  Particular highlights for me are “Juego”, which takes in some awesome Funana and “Apizaco”, 2 absolute standout tracks that are just gonna be all over your TV and films worldwide in due course. Real feel good factor to these 2 tracks, utterly sublime and show a growing maturity in their compositions.

All the other tracks are absolute belters too and so all in all, hard to find fault on this album.  Just wasn’t that keen on the G-String track but it’s gonna appeal to a lot of pre-pubescent T&A kids and so stuff for grown ups and stuff for kids too.  You need to get it!!

Stream the entire album here:

Schlachthofbronx are still living in laid-back Munich and doing the thing they like most: Producing highly danceable bass music. In this respect, nothing has changed. But since their debut album in 2009, Schlachthofbronx started touring almost non stop: Clubs & festivals all over Europe, supporting M.I.A. as well as solo tours in the US, Canada and Mexico. Be it between Melt, Roskilde, SXSW or Sonar, by now Schlachthofbronx could probably also run pro workshops in travel efficiency.

However, all this travelling did not keep them from putting out new tracks on a regular basis. Alone in 2011 four new Schlachthofbronx EPs were released (on Mad Decent, Mixpak and Man Recordings), plus plenty of remixes.

You may call it Booty Bass or just ”dirty dance music“. Influences are Ghettotek, Juke, UK Bass, Cumbia, Dancehall/Reggae etc. So basically, as always, a wonderful eclectic mix of styles. Compared to the debut album, Schlachthofbronx opened up even more to different styles, sometimes even leaning towards techno – and most obviously got more versatile when it comes to the tempo. Forget about the cliché 128bpm club tempo dogma. Everyone is just talking about it, Schlachthofbronx are doing it. Why not play different tempi in the club? Why not wildly mix Baltimore, Dancehall, TecnoBrega, Juke and Rave?

Dirty Dancing is dance music with heavy bass and the occasional explicit lyrics. But under no circumstance mistake this with dull testosterone fun rave. Its main aim is to bring people (and sexes) together to just have a party and dance. In times in which everyone and their mothers put some Cumbia in their tracks, pioneers like Schlachthofbronx are already seven steps ahead and experiment in their studio basement to see which other styles could work together.

Released by: Disko B

Release/catalogue number: DB160
Release date: Mar 30, 2012

Free Download:

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