Mangulica is the only surviving autochthonous Serbian breed of domesticated pig. Other two, Šiška and Šumadinka died out. A breed, also known as “woolen pig”, due to its good qualities, is considered a “noble”, but it almost died out in the 1980s. Its fat has up to 80 % cholesterol and triglycerides less than a common, white pig. In 1998 Mangulica was introduced in Zasavica, but unlike Podolian cattle, they are left to roam free in the reservation, becoming feral since then. A cases of breeding with wild boar are known.”


Well, this is probably the latest incarnation of Balkan traditional music – brutally raped by the computer software again, but not in the way you would expect. Instead of exploiting the world famous merry side of the Balkans, mangulicaFM (Serbian producer Luka Papić currently living in Hamburg) has sampled the darker aspects of it – and the result is not happy stereotypical brass band music mixed with house beats or so, but rather dark and slow electronic bricolage of sounds. Let`s hear this free full album:



If you liked his approach to musical heritage of Balkan peninsula and else, check out his own label – OVER9000RECORDS and feel free to download his other EP`s as well:



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