Not new, around 4 years old but sounding as fresh as the daises.

Introduced to this dude recently by my good mate, former MTV journo, Abdullah Saeed and it’s a beautiful presentation of Transnational Hip-Hop vybz, as relevant now as it was 4 years ago.

Here’s what the Artist says:

Travelling to Syria TORK picked up loads of records and CDs just to chop em up once he got home. This is arab-sample heaven with enough bass to make your neighbors wanna join the party. Thanks to Fairuz & The Rhabani Brothers, Ziad Rhabani, Abdel Halim Hafez and numerous other folks that Tork found on 20 cent mp3DVDs sold on the streets of Damascus.

With this Beat Tape comes a series of Photographs which can be found at

The Photographer Marwan sitting in his Studio (Page 4) is the owner of a Record Store and DJ. He provided TORK with many records from his private collection and his own Mixtapes.

Special thanks to Marwan, Rayan Malik, Iggy Pot, Ali, Atonal, Jones, Dirty25 and all the others that helped to make this one special.

Check out or www.shalomsalon.defor inquiries.


released 07 November 2008

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