Filastine is here for your Loot so hide under your bed and pray for it to be over soon mr. babylon!!!

Well folks, we’ve been waiting too patiently for this rebel to resurface with his gunship full blazing with pure audiological warfare. Yes he teased us with the colony collapse release just a few weeks ago and a few scattered appearances before that, but the full might of his presence has not been experienced since he dropped his dirty bombs on us back in 2009. That is up till now, with the release of his new full album £00T.

£00T is a pioneering exploration into the realities, mysteries and miseries that exist deep in the shadows of the collective unconscious sporing into it from the forgotten corners of emerging post world~!

Everything we love about the Filastine sound is in this release including recycled bits from his previous works, yet this album is, I dare say, his best work to date!

I invite you to brave up and take this journey with Filastine and help spread his sounds like willing hosts for a cure that can spread like a techno-logical virus!

Brave up and take this journey with Filastine, let your system get infected because what he is spreading is not a virus but the cure!!!


Press Release:

Outernational bass music nomad Filastine ups the ante with £00T. Fractured post-dubstep beat innovations support delicate string arrangements. Overdriven bass synths battle pentatonic gong patterns. Listen closely and listen loud.

Looting from the coffers of hip-hop, moombahton, dubstep and cumbia, Filastine keeps the bass pressure pumping and drums up front. But any similarity to club music genres ends quickly. While a growing tropical bass movement hypes a pan-global dance party, Filastine blazes a different path. Intricate polyrhythms, muted balkan trumpets, ephem-
eral soundscapes, and unique vocal contributions push this album off the known map
into uncharted musical territory.

Introduction No Step will test your speakers for the album that follows. Gendjer2  and Colony Collapse are the fruit of a tight collaboration with Indonesian indy rapper Nova. She contributes lush 60’s R&B harmonies and megaphone-filtered rhymes. Filastine’s time in Asia also brings a featuring from Japan’s chief rap dadaist ECD. In Lost Report hear him shouting against nuclear contamination over a dirty bass hook and the stuttered clicks of a geiger counter. These onsite collaborations were recorded everywhere from warehouses to rainforests, then painstakingly mixed over the course of 2011 in a rooftop studio in the muslim quarter of Barcelona, with breaks to participate in the Spanish uprisings of last year.

Throughout the album Filastine leverages rhythmic expertise that he’s gathered far and wide, from the tiny Moroccan village of Jajouka to the coke-fueled parades of Rio de Janeiro. Echoes of Filastine’s old marching band, the Infernal Noise Brigade, propel the drum corp juke of Circulate False Notes and the glitch-crunk of Skirmish. Even Filastine’s years as a taxi driver are audible in the field recordings of radio static, street noises and polyglot collages

£00T comes with a grip of videos and graphics that riff on concepts from the Arab spring to ecological and financial collapse.  With a CD design doubling as utopian money, the album launches alongside a currency for a near-future network of clandestine floating cities.

In 2006 DJ Rupture presented Filastine’s first album, Burn It.  2009’s follow-up, Dirty Bomb, brought nearly 300 invitations to perform, from Tasmania to Tunisia, with some gigantic tours in the USA supporting artists like Bassnectar. £00T completes the trilogy and launches another world tour. A new re-tooled live set uses custom software to pull off some deep AV madness, and sees Filastine expanding to tour as a duo, always joined onstage by vocalist Nova or one of the collaborating cellists from the album. Expect them everywhere.


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