in another round of global bass sounds, this time all in html5 players via soundcloud, please enjoy a nice variety of sub-bass genres from a superb crew of producers. Every track is hand-picked to ensure the highest possible enjoyment. Ta Ta

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Kush, Stereo and Jahdan on one track!? this collaboration is so heavy it’s scarey!

a massive hit from lovely Flore- minimal, classy, bassssy!

killah post-dancehall remix by Sonora (didn’t know he did dancehall, guess his hand is in everything!)

mah man and top israeli producer, Ori Shochat, continues to merge bass & hiphop and in this release a bit of mmm ghetto/juke.

the next mixtape in this winning series by mumdance has landed. new exclusive tracks and old school records create a fresh new summer soundtrack to party by the pool to.

folkstep is my favorite global bass genre, it is what got me so hooked on the bass scene, and when it comes to it, no one does it better than ShazaaaaLaKazooooo!!

Followed Caballo onto this one, emerging producer Universal Taal Project, is a name to follow. Hopefully this bit of recognition will encourage him to continue making these global bass sounds he is so damn good at 🙂

our very own Process Rebel with a huge sunday morning dub that is psychedelic enough to fit in a psychill set and roots enough to move a rastaman to the ground

happy latin tropical dub vibes by cero39,

Neki introduced us to Svetlana Industries a few posts ago and digging through thier digital crates i found this super bassy release, the first two tunes make it a piece worth buying imo, addictive melodies in the high frequencies and super low bass drive that thumps my chest alive

let’s end with this beautiful transnational dubstep piece: “A unique blend of punchy dubstep and traditional Colombian/Panamanian cumbia music, originally conceived by glitch-hp innovator Knowa KnowOne and remixed by Chaos Control (a.k.a. Planewalker & Mister Chill’R) for your dancing enjoyment!”

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