I collected and reviewed a tremendous amount of music this past week. I am progressively turning this post into a weekly round-up of the best cumbia released. Hopefully this won’t kill me as I am consumed by the sounds of nu cumbia daily. Hopefully I can keep it up which I am very positive I can by not becoming exhausted. I can’t waste much space here with an intro so I’m going to get right into it.

This week we had a couple exciting new album releases. The first was by Piper Street Sound with the release of Chicha De La Piedmont EP. I will post one track here but if you want a more extensive review check what I said here. From this EP I choose Cumbiarus as a perfect sample of what you will find on it. Though the EP is diverse I fell this track defines the idea behind the EP most clearly. Matthew Mannsfield was inspired over the last summer by Generation Bass blog posts to record an EP of this nature. So therefore really you here are all an influence for the EP.


The next big release this week was by the now legendary Filastine. A long awaited return has come to fruition with his new album Loot. Wizraeli posted a nice press release here on Generation Bass a couple days ago and I also wrote my thoughts here. While it’s not a cumbia heavy album Filastine pulls influences from all over and cumbia is definitely one of them. Shanty Tones is the best example of this.


Good friend and my predecessor here Canalh actually first brought me onto Generation Bass while he was still blogging with us. He continues to blog for his personal site RadioCanalh. Respectfully I wish to link his recent post here which is about a mix that I made of my originals a few weeks ago. Canalh points out again his interest more in traditional upbeat cumbia while also pointing out that sometimes he finds himself in a more solemn mood. My style is such, my love for post-punk, ambience, and new wave sounds are reflected in my work which makes more for the romantic moments and even melancholic. It can go either way, I love beautiful melodies and counter melodies and make them dominant in my sound. Thank you Canalh for your continuous support.


Always hard at work rounding up cumbia Andres Digital put out his new remix of Don De Maja with his dope touch.


[email protected] takes us further from traditional sounds with his edit of an epic Proper Villains dubstep remix.


Another edit comes from Stereo Revuelta with his cumbia touch on Organ of Love.


Mr. Kanti W. comes back here hard with his new 3ball epic Sinfonia.


Much thanks to Max Becker of Los Chicos Altos for posting this track on the Nu Cumbia Experience Facebook group. Due to his post a friend of mine was inspired to mix it in his set last night here in Phoenix.


It took me far too long to be introduced to this next track by Izzy Wise. I’m very pleased Izzy came onto the group to share it with me. It’s a really beautifully produced track.


An exciting live remix was shared with me this week by Hionteinen Rihma. It’s seriously dope.


The always awesome Radio Timbo personality Kuto Selektah Killa released this seriously dope video of his work.

This week saw a bunch of the Yelram Selectah remixes of his My Bass. Fiesta Pirata did an official post of all the remixes but I choose just three that stood out most to me.

First from the deep dub mind of El Barba Dub.


Next DnB junkie Add on De Bass with his completely different remix.


Last up to bat here is Den5hion’s with his eccentric style.


With his triumphant return here Rafael Aragon uploaded his remix he had been working a lot on. It’s a nu-cumbia-calypso remix of Yo Tink It Sorf by Lancelot Layne founder of rapso (calypso-rap). I would know nothing about this if it wasn’t for Rafael’s remix.


This next one has the kind of intro I’m quite fond of. Mosca Verde made a mix for Manduka Radio Show which features hardcore digital afro-latin rhythms with digital cumbia and moombahton flow.


Randy Salazar Jr. is one of my favorite producers of new cumbia and he put together a perfect new cumbia mix of epic proportions. It highlights the sound of the nu cumbia movement which is growing stronger every day (as this actual blog is quite evident of this)


Another deep nu cumbia mix comes from Petardo. It’s heavy on the Peruvian influence that I love so very much.


The last mix I’ll post features more traditional cumbia roots. It’s from my friend in Paris Pedrolito Radioglobal’s podcast.

This about wraps up yet another big week of big cumbia, much more to come for you cumbieros so keep in touch.


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