This is one of my first ever mixtapes that I found again after such a long time. I did this 10 years ago in 2002 prior to ever dj’aying out live. I started dj’aying at gigs in 2005 and before that there was a period of about 3 years where I’d just do strange mixtapes like this one.  Originally it was called “A Sea of Ambience” but I thought I’d update the title & cover.

What surprised me most about this mixtape is that it still sounds fresh and relevant, it sounds kind of timeless and appears not to have dated at all to my ears.  I’m really glad I found it again.

It contains a bunch of tracks erring on the ambient, deep and melancholic side full of film scores like bladerunner and melodic and haunting electronic pieces and also music introduced to me by my friend & favourite DJ, Claude Challe.

Sorry I don’t have a tracklist 🙁

I hope you enjoy it!

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