So you either hate Borgore, or you love him. He might be the most disliked face in Dubstep (with the exception of Skrillex), and he used the hatred as marketing fuel. Now the man who ‘ruined dubstep’ is one of the most recognizable names in the industry. Love him or hate him, he’s crushing the game.

We caught up with Borgore right before he was to go on stage at a packed Webster Hall in Manhattan, and the interview was… like… actually… normal. As much as he might come across as a prick, I found him to be someone that takes what he’s doing incredibly serious. He’s a producer that just wants to have fun while he’s working. He gave us his perspective on what he’s doing this for, and then walked up to play a set with stripper poles (and strippers) on either side of him. He certainly doesn’t live a boring lifestyle.

Special thanks to Drew from Prescribed Magazine for linking up with me for this last minute… My usual video guy Definate was ‘working hard’ in Miami.

…and The ‘Flex’ EP we discussed can be downloaded for free on his Facebook page…

Prescribed Magazine

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