This week: hot digital cumbia from Bunbepe, disembodied dubtech from Capricorn Productions and futuristic jazz from Beautiful Swimmers & Don Cherry


Let the sunshine in! oh. it’s raining now. Fuck it, I got my shades on & I’m feeling fruity. Just like my shades make me instantly feel stoned without having to put clipper to rizla, this sort of digital cumbia makes me instantly feel the late afternoon sun on my face, several mojitos down and several more still to come. Great selection here finishing on a tango note, heralding the impending night…

1. Faraón Bantú – Macaco Mata el Toro (Batata Remix) [feat. Nova Lima]
2. Ricardo Ray – Cabo E (disqueDJ Dub Bassucka Mix)
3. The Binary Cumbia Orchestra – Ydyay (Original Mix)
4. Celina Y Reutilio – Yo Soy El Punto Cubano/Moombah Diabolo Moombah Diabolo – Jon Kwest (Dj Reaganomics Remix)
5. Petrona Martinez – Sepiterna (Thornato Remix)
6. El Remolón – Lamento De La Selva (El Remolón Remix)
7. Bleepolar – Chiquita
8. Cumba Mela – Seu Maya (Thornato Remix)
9. Chico Ye – Menea
10. Barrington Levy – Here I Come (Live) (ELMAYONESA Remix)
11. Elo & Fokn Bois – Fokn Future (Frikstailers Remix)
12. Buraka Som Sistema – Burakaton (feat. Bomba Estereo)
13. Elo & Wanlov The Kubolor & Sena – My Skin (Hijo De La Cumbia Remix)
14. Mama Diaspora – Dub in Karpaty (Nu Cumbia Derbastler Remix)
15. Gotan Project – Santa María (del Buen Ayre) (Chancha Via Circuito Remix)

Capricorn Productions

If Bunbepe’s mix was early evening sunshine, right here is twelve hours later and I’m not totally clear on what’s happened in the mean time but it doesn’t matter because I’m blissfully bathing in the moment courtesy of this latest ambientdubtech immersion from Capricorn.

Download: Capricorn – Immersions

Golden Brown (Pulshar End Version) – Pulshar
Albert Hosteen X Files Intro To “The Blessing Way” – Floyd Red Crow Westerman
Early Morning (Version) – The Nautilus Project
Red Shift – Subsonic Park
The Sun Is Waking – 8 Four
Diving – Martin Schulte
Frosty Morning – Martin Schulte
Warm – Deepchord Presents Echospace
Message – Black Jazz Consortium
Spirits – Deepchord
Stars – Deepchord
Black Cavendish – Deepchord
Balm – Deepchord
Float – Deepchord Presents Echospace
Suburban Areas – The Nautilus Project
Snowflake 04 – Yagya
Back And Forth – Unkle
Echo System (8 Four Remix) – Fingers In The Noise
2279 – The Nautilus Project
Weird Places – Vidas M
No Meditation (Pablo Bolivar Solar Mix) – Pulshar

Beautiful Swimmers / Don Cherry

Man, did I just get schooled. Somehow Don Cherry is not someone who has ever turned up on my radar and I just spent the last hour having my mind blown. There’s crazy simulated whalesong played on brass, Shpongle-grade global psychedlic soundscapes (of course predating Shpongle by a good couple of decades), Italo Disco (Tullio Di Piscopo – Stop Bajon – unbelievable tune) and loads of other stuff which you could put into categories now but which was just intended as Jazz…

1. Don Cherry – Brown Rice
2. Old & New Dreams – Song For The Whales
3. Trilok Gurtu – Shangri La/Usfret
4. Don Cherry – Moving Pictures For The Ear
5. Don Cherry & Latif Khan – Air Mail
6. Don Cherry – Journey of Malarepa
7. Don Cherry – Brilliant Action/Amejelo (drum solo Ed Blackwell)
8. Sonny Murray – Black Art (poem Amiri Baraka)
9. Terry Riley, Don Cherry, Karl Berger – Piece 1, Koln Concert 1975
10. Don Cherry – Kamapa Chenno
11. Don Cherry – Love Train
12. Tullio Di Piscopo – Stop Bajon
13. Bengt Berger – Tongsi
14. Old & New Dreams – Guinea

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