Every once in a while i bump into a video clip featuring completely mad and unexpected mashup of Balkan turbo-folk (a kind of  mostly cheesy folk-pop music, very popular in the Balkans and known under various names, depending on a country of origin) and a track of some Western music of whatever kind. For instance, today i`ve heard this and completely freaked out:



This type of viral videos is considered a parody by the Balkan mob and that`s kinda local joke thing. But the guy who made all of these vids posted here has taken it to the very next level musically, so that`s just great mashups regardless of any social and cultural background of the listener. He calls himself AugustOktobar (meaning: AugustOctober) and hails from Sarajevo, Bosnia.



One of the key things in every mashup is choosing the right and quality tracks for it. AvgustOktobar did it properly – all of his turbo-folk picks are the tracks played by the best and most famous turbo-folk band in former Yugoslavia called Južni Vetar (meaning: The South Wind) featuring great singers such as Dragana Mirković, Šemsa Suljaković or Kemal Malovčić.



If you liked all these mashups, make sure you check out AvgustOktobar`s YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE. And for the end of this lovely evening, as it should be in every decent ballroom, we will hear no less than a sentimental ballad:


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