Our dude Andy McGowan posted this dude’s tracks in the M & M group and I was immediately blowwwn away.

I’ve been pretty confused though about this dude’s background.  At first I thought he was Chinese cause he says he’s from Tokyo & China on his soundcloud.  Then I remembered that he did a remix for Munchi on his Shotta’s EP last year and Munchi mentioned some random Chinese guy hitting him up on Soundcloud, that he befriended,who he got to remix his track.  Same dude as this one.

So I was further confused when some dude called Andre hit me up on facebook.  We got chatting and he said he’d been sending me some messages that I hadn’t responded to, story of my life atm!!!!!  Thankfully, he didn’t have a meltdown on me for not responding!!!  I asked him what his artist name was and he said “Harikiri”!!!!

I thought WTF, dude I thought you were Chinese plus although I hadn’t blogged you, I’d been sharing his tracks in the M & M group after Andy introduced you to me.  Plus I had recommended him to the Moombah Ldn guys who were on the look out for fresh UK talent for their Moombahton gigs.

Then I discovered he was from my home city, Birmingham!!! Man, this just got even more surreal.

So a random dude who Munchi introduced to the world via one of his remixes, who we both thought was Chinese, was re-introduced to me via Andy and it turned out that he was not a Chinese guy from China but a dude from Birmingham called Andre!!!!

Anyway, the dude is currently working on an EP release for Generation Bass and for me he is one of the most interesting Nu Moombahtonista’s around atm, I’m seriously digging his brand of Moombahton.  A very talented individual whose time to shine as a “Moombahtonista” is bound to come in due course!

The China connection is explained below in his BIO!

We’re both going to be laying down some Moombahton in Birmingham alongside Heartbreak (TBC) in May at this event:


Check him out for yourself:


London based DJ/producer Harikiri began his career in electronic music at age 15 developing his skills, personal ‘sound’ and aural impact to such an extent that both commercial and underground circles across the globe are taking note. Initially focused on dark, technical forms of drum & bass, his focus has ventured into the 140BPM realm and other more exquisite forms of audio engineering.

In the two years since his DJ debut, his career has already seen him play alongside a diverse array of DJs such as Fat Boy Slim, Joker, Chase & Status, Icicle, Instra:mental, and Oxide & Neutrino, at a range of venues across the world including London’s highly acclaimed Fabric and Ministry of Sound nightclubs, and even in Beijing on the Great Wall of China.

His disregard for the genre definitions that restrict ‘regular DJs’ to a small selection of monotonous music has become a well respected signature of his artistic take on DJ-culture, often covering multiple genres in way that feels seamless and organic; a fundamental reason why in Beijing he was among the nominations for DJ of the year after only in the city for a few months.

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