Amidst global economic turmoil, threat of a World War III this summer, and a realistically useless presidential U.S. election this year (all eyes on the great bully that is the United States) I’m at least proud to say the cumbia parties keep going strong. Not only the parties but also the never ceasing to amaze me album releases.

One album in particular strikes my fancy. That said album is another brilliant release by the restless ZZK Records along with Waxploitation. Restless not only because of the constant goodness coming from the producers and dj’s but also their fearless leader Grant C. Dull. Recently Grant and his team released an extraordinary album by Buenos Aires resident dance producer Mati Zundel.

The album is titled Amazonico Gravitante mixing huayno, nu cumbia, 2step, and electronica which in turn makes an excellent experience for the listener. It’s his U.S. debut and I can only hope people here connect with it because it greatly represents modern music from different cultures all combining into one collection. From the mind of a Zizek Club veteran dance producer here is a new video showcasing just a tidbit of what you’ll get on the album. Don’t let this represent the whole album though because it’s actually quite diverse.

Here is the link to the album on iTunes.



Amazonico Gravitante - Mati Zundel








As for the parties well they’re going strong in Paris due to the hard relentless work of Captain Cumbia and Pedrolito RadioGlobal at Taxi Brousse Productions. These two always keep me up to date with what’s happening in the Paris scene and I’m grateful for it. This is a new mix released by Pedrolito.

The loco that is Captain Cumbia produces some of the craziest music I’ve ever heard. He never stops and everyone loves it. Here is a taste of his beautiful insanity.

Enrikismo and Changoramico teamed up to make a dope mashup mixing a bit of dubstep, cumbia and hip hop. It flows and flows in a funky dope way.

I’m not sure why but I haven’t posted anything by Mexicans With Guns in the past. I will correct this mistake now. Earlier this week MWG uploaded an 8 bit cumbia. I’m not really into that sound much but this one definitely attracted and then consumed my attention. From The Legend Of Zelda which I’m sure most of us are versed in, here is an 8 bit cumbia cover of the theme.

This next one by Sondio Triptofano has a great intro. I love the breaking up of the rhythm in and out of cumbia with bass and four on the floor. It makes for a cool groove. I do however wish it was longer.

I found Pisando Tierra by Arun y La Cumbia just a day or so ago. When I think of the term nu cumbia this track is a perfect example of it. It mixes synths, minimalism, and a sick beat. You could say it’s very futuristico.

Jc Kiru brings another dope mashed up masterpiece to the table with his La Mona Fresa mix. Another great example for anyone interested in old meets new.

That last one reminds me of a local friend of mine here in Phoenix. The creator of crunk cumbia is DJ Smite. I’ve written about him before and am happy to bring him back again. He’s not a digital producer. Most of the time actually he and I talk about jazz and soul classics both I love greatly and am quite fluent in the history and theory of, especially jazz. It’s always good to be able to talk passionately about such music.

Now Smite is strictly vinyl (I’ve actually never seen him on a computer ever). He is proud about his vinyl and collects some of the obscurest records. I can always count on hearing something I’ve never heard before when he spins. Another thing, watching Smite resembles watching live improv musicians. He does it on the fly and depending on the mood you never know what will happen. He remixes and edits live using processors and samplers but always the source is vinyl. Here are couple videos from recent gigs around town. The audio quality isn’t perfect but I promise soon I will record him with my HD equipment.

DJ Neber is known for mixing cumbia classics and hip hop. This is his dope take on the classic Los Mirlos song Cumbia De Los Pajaritos

With a very different take on cumbia Sonidero Simon dropped this track a few days ago. There’s nothing like it around. It honestly took me a couple times to dig it.

[email protected] is one of the coolest when it comes cumbia edits. Here are a couple edits from him this week.

Okay the last three here are some very cool mixtapes all three very different. Featuring Tropical Bass collection combining different tropical styles is the first one from El Lobby Sound (Alto Peru’s Jose Antonio Cuadrelli).

From Buenos Aires to Hamburg, Germany next is Bombombom. Bombombom Unico Como Tu focusing much on dub this time mixes a smooth collection of cumbia.

Last up is Sonidos Profundos mix for Terror Negro Records in Lima, Peru. I wrote about this mix earlier this week with a more in depth post here.


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