Yet another great release from Six Degrees from Brazilian beauty Céu!

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Caravana Sereia Bloom (Six Degrees), is the boldest work to date from Brazil’s Céu. Eschewing much of the laid-back, loungey electro-bossa nova and samba that caused Starbucks to make her self-title debut the first international release in its Hear Music series, today Céu seems to have more in common with the psychedelic oeuvres of early Tropicalia artists and Os Mutantes than the restrained musings of Jobim.

You can immediately hear how much Céu is enjoying her latest musical journey. Producer Gui Amabis does a fantastic job of allowing stripped down guitars to convey a constant sense of momentum. Pieces of Peruvian chicha are embedded in lush reggae grooves. A lifelong fan of Bob Marley and all things Jamaican, Céu stretched her musical vocabulary throughout this release to draw inspiration for each song, exploring a multitude of Latin American sounds: cumbia, lambadas, carímbos, bregas and guitarradas.

The brooding, ambient nature of this latest release is intentional. While updating bossa nova and samba put Céu on the global map, she chose to travel to Brazil’s Northeast for the heaviest dose of musical inspiration. Utilizing the post-psychedlia synthesizers and guitar effects of Maracatu and Mangue Beat, she pays tribute to modern innovators such as Nação Zumbi and DJ Dolores, not to mention her friends Otto, Apollo Nove and 3 Na Masse, all the while evolving her own unique and personal sound. Céu’s sound is as relevant to Brazil today as her legendary forebears two generations ago. Caravana Sereia Bloom is this girl from São Paulo’s finest moment in a career that shows no sign of slowing.

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