Anyone out there interested in a cool opportunity for remixing a new track offered by my friend Matthew Mansfield of Piper Street Sound should check this out.

This track is from his project Dialect Trio which will be releasing their EP April 30th. If you are interested contact Matthew here. I’ve worked with him a lot in the past and the results have always been positive. So all you cumbiero remixers should really give it some thought.

If you’re in the northern hemisphere like myself then you too might be gearing up for the summer ahead. Here where I live summer begins rather early. My fair city will be 38 degrees C or so this weekend. I’m not looking forward to that as much but I am looking forward to the jams. I find during the spring and summer months the selection of tropical bass becomes quite abundant. In respect for my temperatures out here I wish to begin a bit early with summertime tracks.

From the not so summery city of Stockholm here is a mix from Chakabucko consisting of a variety of different cumbia styles and dancehall riddims and plenty of dembow heavy tunes.

ElMulato takes us on a trip with cumbia mixing with this smooth production.

El Mayonesa brings us a much needed cumbia edit of Orignal Nuttah. It’s a simple edit but it delivers for those wishing to mix it into an eclectic cumbia set.

I wrote up a profile post about DJ Neber this past week showcasing his hip hop cumbia edit tendencies. I really got into digging his stuff. Here is a new one from him this past week. If you want to read more about him take a look here.

Enirkisimo brings a funky remix to the classic No Te Vallas Corazon with this next one.

Yelram Selectah has been making exciting productions for the tropical bass bloggers for quite a long time now and he never lets us down. Tijuana Experimental is his other account featuring what you might guess to be experimental Latin tracks mostly dealing with cumbia and 3ball.

With another unique cumbia mix dealing a few cool edits is DJ Torres’ new mix.

If what you are looking for is a crazy trip of a mix then look right here. This is from El Pony and it truly is a dope trip.

Since we are now in a trippy state of mind these next guys will suit perfectly. LaMiniTKDelMideo (if you can read that then good for you) comes from Bogota where they are producing some of the darkest cumbia around. It’s too early for a Halloween post but I don’t care because I find myself in the mood for these sounds despite the time of year. These tracks speak to me directly with the synth heavy approach. I really am excited to see more like-minded synth head cumbieros out there. Check out these three tracks from them I selected.

A couple of the Terror Negro Records crew Sonidos Profundos and DJ Chakruna made a wonderful video for us. I’m grateful for this crew for all the great innovative cumbia they have and continue to produce.

Here’s a little more from Yelram Selectah before I close up shop.

To round it out we can come back to the sunny side of cumbia with this very interesting cumbia reggae from Wuiro Funk. I greatly expect to post more of Wuiro Funk’s tracks in the future.

Now let’s go surfing shall we!

That’s it for me this week. Now I think I’ll go outside and do something active to soak up the sun and burn my skin.


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