I’ve been hard at work since 2006 thinking up new ways to upset and rile up the anti-social EDM fuckboys that want to hold onto their scene like it’s precious. It baffles me that they’re confused when major players push shit music and gain the fans that define genres. I think anyone going into this business should study marketing. There is a thick line between people that want to make money, and those that believe in art. I boldly stand on that line.

This whole series is about something bigger. It’s about giving the masses an option to hear quality tracks. The cross-promotion through LiveMixtapes has been incredibly rewarding. After linking up with the sister site ClubTapes 3 months ago, I dropped Thugstep Commission. It saw 15,000+ streams. Thugstep Commission 2 drops a month later. nearly 50,000 streams. We’re building steam to give tens (and quickly working up to hundreds) of thousands of people a different option.

Thugstep Commission 3 starts out with a generally unknown Rapper named Wildabeast (which I featured here on Generation Bass about a month ago), and moves into a track I produced for Brooklyn emcee Elucid. This single is dropping on Seclusiasis’ Street Bass Anthems 5 alongside some heavy hitters. Then we move into a Mr. Mitch promo beat with GLC and Bun B vocals you never heard on top. And it doesn’t stop. An original beat from me on the ‘I’m on Worldstar’ remix, and production from heavy-hitters like Flosstradamus, Soundboy Pussy, Shiftee, Wick-It, Hipnotikk, SMKA, Vaski, Monstar, Proper Villains, and Hizzleguy turn this underground scene into a visible movement.

People that don’t know me say I have no substance. That I have no reason to hold this chip on my shoulder. That I have something to prove. I hear all of you. And thank you for the inspiration. I’m on your heels. I’ve knocked out nearly a dozen solid projects since the new year, as well as interviews with the likes of Borgore and Sazon Booya. Original production. Remixes. Refixes. And I’m on cruise control. Please watch your belongings. I’m taking everything in sight.

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