You all know I love my TecnoBrega and you all know DJ Cremoso is my fave dude and also one of my favourite dj’s. This week I found out his true identity but I’m sworn to secrecy and so I can’t divulge that confidential information cause it is in the best interests of national security that you don’t know! I can’t even hint who it might be, save to say, it is not someone who is not unknown!!!

Anyway, as we’re on the topic of TecnoBrega, here is a great lil’ mix that I’m totally into!

Waldo Squash – BASS Melody / Schlachthofbronx – Juego (feat. Doubla J) / Gaby Amarantos – Xirley VS Diplo – Express Yourself (OMULU MA$H) / Major Lazer – Get Free (Bonde do Role Remix) / Schlachthofbronx – Agwaso / Partisan brassstep (Bella Ciao, Stereo Partizan remix)

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