Over the course of the last couple of years Moombahton has made appearances in my life and my music. I dropped the MOOMBIA EP a long time ago (well… 2010, which is 10 years in moombah years) as SDP, which was a crossover between one of my big loves, CUMBIA and MOOMBAHTON. I thoroughly enjoyed creating those tunes and for me slowing stuff down or speeding stuff up was something that I already worked a lot with for the SONIDO DEL PRINCIPE EDITS, so it was nothing new. I did find that all these edits, however great, were slowing doen the development of MOOMBAHTON as a genre. I felt there was not enough original material popping up to keep it fresh and to keep it developing into new areas.

For the last couple of years, I’ve been working under my DRVG CVLTVRE name, mostly doing edits (AGAIN) and also doing a lot of original tracks. This is mostly slowed down, doomy disco with disregard for any music or composition rule that might exist. That does not mean it becomes abstract, but I do make choices strictly on my gut feeling, instead of having a track consist of neatly constructed and quantised bars and notes.

I was working on some new tracks and for some reason, they all had a distinct 8bit, crappy commodore/amiga soundchip feel to them and the other point of overlap is that were all hoovering around the 108 bpm tempo. So I decided… fuck it. These tracks are crying out to BE Moombahton cuts. So LETS MAKE EM MOOMBAHTON! You’ll notice they all have gameboy/chiptune elements in them, some more than others, but I think it’s a playfull and positive interpretation of what I consider to be Moombahton. So lots of percussion, deep basslines and real, funky, reggaeton related riddims! Another thing I was thinking right away is, ok, I have these cuts, now what? But that didnt take too long, I decided to take them back to home base, the mother-ship, the end boss of global bass… GENERATION BASS! So enjoy them, SPREAD THE WORD if you can / want and DOWNLOAD THESE FREEBIES BELOW!!!

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