The sixth in the Moombahtonista series and I think Frank Mendez will be absolutely delighted to be No.6!!!!

Previously we have had:

Jorge Melo




Doc Adam

Don’t fret, there’s loads more to come including some of the big names missing from this line-up thus far.

You should know the score by now:

-An Intro
-Brief Q & A with our Moombahtonista
-The almighty EXCLUSIVE!


You know when you get to know Mendez, he really shines as a person so passionate and genuine about his love for music. He is a really sensitive and kind dude once you get beyond his tough exterior.

Within the scene, for me, he has possibly done most for pushing “Moombahcore”, after Munchi.  With his El Cuco Recordings label, which he set up last year, he has done a marvellous job of pushing Moombahcore to more prominence with some of his releases from dudes like UFO, Bro Safari, Sluggo, Pickster & Melo & Le Doom:

Here’s some of his more recent “Official” label releases:

And he’s had so many more since, just check out his Soundcloud pages for an update on all his label’s free and official releases.

However, he’s not only great at spotting great new talent and releasing it on his label but he is also a mighty fine producer himself as some of these tracks will testify:

But he’s not just a Moombahcore head, Frank has a real understanding for music that emotionally touches you and I highly respect the fact that he doesn’t just go for the most obvious stuff either:

And here’s his most recent release:


So as you can hear, this is a mighty impressive catalogue of work and I for one feel that he doesn’t get as much credit or praise as he truly deserves for the contribution he has made and continues to make to this scene in such a short space of time.

He is not just one of the most passionate Moombahtonista’s but he is also one of it’s most unique musical personalities too.  Hence, further reason for shining the light on him as “THE MOOMBAHTONISTA”.


GB: What was the first Moombah track you “heard” and how did it make you feel?

FM: Man, I’m pretty sure it was some weird shit my friend Lex One was showing me. He asked me what I thought of “Moombahton”. I pretty much had no clue. But honestly Firepower Munchi Remix and Heartbreak’s King Kong sold me on the vibe, Pickster and Melo’s formerly known as Fat Booty tune took me to the next level.

GB: What was the first Moombah track you made & when did you make it and why?

FM: Funny thing about that, my first Moombahcore tune was the John B – Brostep Wagon Blues almost a year ago. Seeing that I came from the dnb/industrial world, I picked a friend’s track to “edit”. Good thing too with all the nonsense drama that moombah x dnb comp brought about. It was blogged immediately by one of your guest writers Walmer. The love and support plus some heart felt rambling from nibitto inspired me to continue. Next came Caderas with my label partner Sluggo which to our surprised was featured on Mad Decent’s round up the week we posted it. El Cuco Recordings was formed by like minded artists, the rest is making history….and I couldn’t be more grateful.

GB: How do you see the future for the Moombahton scene.

FM: Moombahton is still very fresh and new to the masses. It may feel like an overnight sensation but its mostly in our hearts at the moment. But hold tight , these rhythms are infectious and people can not help but be moved by them. Fans are growing worldwide , its way more accessable than most forms of modern electronic dance. Let’s face it, ladies love moombah, the rest shall acquire the taste soon enough. I have to remind myself to play older tunes that made me fall in love with Moombah, just cause they may be older tunes for you and I , doesn’t mean they’re not new for the crowds we’re playing for. This music took hold of me heart and soul. I honestly have found my calling at these tempos. I take pride in being unique and showing my roots. Moombahton is and will continue to grow. I am so thankful to see and hear so many of my peers charting and gaining support by legends in the scene. Blogs like GB and others, too many to list without forgeting some, (I love and am grateful for each one of you mother fuckers) have a vast collection of the history about the scene as well as free music. All these factors can only push things forward. ¡Viva Moombahton!


A son of Puerto Rico, around long enough to call both Miami and Phoenix his home turfs, Mendez has spent most of his career at the forefront of underground dance music. Rooted firmly in electronic music culture, this talented producer and DJ has a flair for live sets and an awareness of the intersection of hip hop, Latin, reggae and dance music. Co-founder of El Cuco Recordings, one of the leading labels in the forward-thinking genres of moombahton, moombahcore and moombahsoul, Mendez has a global reputation for pushing new sounds, prolifically potentiating new smashers for DJs and fans via SoundCloud and linking new audiences through his inventive remix work.


John B – Light Speed (Beauty Brain & Mendez Remix)
Mendez – Rock On!
Mendez – Pervert
Mendez – The Gemini
Mendez – Who Gwan Test Me?
Mende+Sluggo+UFO!- Crazy Fool
Sluggo+Nerd Rage+Terrabad – I am Captain – Mendez Moombahcore Remix
Mendez – The World will be in Love
Heartbreak feat. Toddla T – BLAZE UP (Mendez and Pickster VIP )
Alliance – Mi Gente (Mendez Remix)
Devin Martin – Killbot [Mendez Moombahcore Remix]
Sluggo, Nerd Rage & Itchy Robot – The Warrior [Mendez Moombahcore Remix]
Boy Kid Cloud / Sluggo & Nerd Rage – Feel High [Mendez Moombahcore VIP Remix]
Mendez & Sluggo – The Devil Does Drugs
Mendez – Feel this Shit!
Mendez & Sluggo – Caderas


Cedric Gervais – Molly(Mendez Transitional Edit)
The Dream – Kill the Lights(Mendez Moombahsoul Edit)
Tyga – In this Thang(Mendez Moombahton Rework)
Shiny Toy Guns – Don’t Cry Out (Mendez Edit)
Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know ft Kimbra(Mendez Rework)
Natalie Imbruglia – Smoke(Mendez Remix)
Drake ft Lil Wayne+Tyga – The Motto(Mendez Rework)
Kaskade – Eyes(Alvin Risk Remix)(Mendez Moombahcore Bootleg)
Modestep – To the Stars (Hulk Remix) [Mendez Official but Non-Official Remix]
Sebastian feat Mayor Hawthorne – Love in Motion (Skrillex Remix) [Mendez Bootleg Edit]
El Dusty – Ke Le Pasa(Mendez and Riot Earp Bootleg Remix)
Villains – Control The Future(Mendez Edit)
Guitarra Band – Ya Ghali (Mendez Edit)
Mendez vs Ziggy Marley – Beach in Hawaii
Adele – Someone like You (Mendez Remix)
Mendez vs Coldplay and The Buena Vista Social Club – Relojes
LoveRance feat. YG, Iamsu & Skipper – Beat the Pussy up(MENDEZ MOOMBAHTON EDIT)
Fytch and Captain Crunch feat Carmen Forbes -RAINDROPS – MENDEZ Moombahcore Edit
N.O.H.A. – Pijama (Mendez VS Melo Remix)
Your Favorite Martian – Transphobic Techno aka Bitch got a Penis(Mendez edit)
Mendez vs Johnny Prez – Pum Pum
John B – BroStep Wagon Poos (Mendez Moombahcore Edit)


El Cuco Recordings / EvilBase Recordings / BC Presents / Bad Taste Recordings 
web: /  /


We leave you with an incredible exclusive download and would just like to thank Mr Mendez for all his time in contributing to this piece and wish him all the success in the now and future.  He is set to make a Big Splash in this scene!

Datsik & Infected Mushroom – Evil (Mendez Bootleg)

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