Sometimes in order to get my creative writing juices flowing I’ll consume substances. Most of the time these substances consist of caffeine and sugar products which I feel is best because although it’s not necessarily good for my health it’s good for my brain and I can shake off the affects in a short matter of time. The other substance one might find me consuming from time to time is a glass of wine normally with the limit of one additional refill. I try not to go that route because I wish not to fall victim to the reliance or possible superstition of alcohol consumption in order to write well. Many writers have fallen down this dark path and I wish not to be one of them. However a couple of glasses shouldn’t hurt much. This is the thought anyway, but what happens on occasion is when I am writing I don’t pay much attention to the amount I consume especially when I get into a rhythmic flow. This was the case last night. It was just supposed to be a limit of two glasses but before I knew it the bottle of wine was empty and I was, well, simply inebriated (a more realistic word would be trashed).

I can say my colorful prose that came from the inebriation turned out rather well but I’ve been paying the price all day today. Now as I sit down to write this post I do so with an air of professionalism as I’m dedicated and committed to posting one of these a week and have been doing so for forty-seven weeks straight now (or is it forty-eight? Doesn’t matter my point is the same). So I come to you dear readers as a hung over mess and with that said don’t let my physical state get in the way of my selection of cumbia this week. I like all prior weeks collected tracks since my last post, this being my system.

First I’ll start off with my friend Nopalero Phunq. I meant to post his new cumbia mix last week but it slipped my mind because it was in a folder on my other computer. I regretted not posting it but I made sure to post it this week. This is a seriously beautifully elegant mix of cumbia he compiled. If you listen closely you’ll even hear one of mine. Over all this mix is my kind of style. It’s ethereal, romantic and simply wonderful.

Wow! is the first word that comes to mind when I listened to Aerofustan’s newest track. I’ll leave it at that, wow!

Paris resident Rafael Aragon is back in cumbia mode. I’m very fortunate that he is because he brings such a unique sound to cumbia. He has a distinctive bass sound that is entirely his own.

Keeping with the cumbia dub/reggae vibes here is a special cumbia from the land of the rising sun. Japanese cumbia DJ’s and producers are hot right now. Here is an example of such a production.

More interesting vibes come from this cocaine warning mashup by [email protected] I’m not judging but I do suggest to keep to the green stuff.

Onto some dope cumbia now I bring you a bit of Alto Guiso’s. I think the mix of flutes with cumbia digitalness make for a very interesting original sound. I’m going to share the set actually.

Tu Guaina just released their first EP with Caballito. The sound of Tu Guaina is very digital with deep sub bass, really dope noise, dubstep elements, and cool dub vibes.

This next one by Tu Guaina is simply awesome, definitely one of my favorite cumbias I’ve experienced lately.

Totally changing direction now I go to Enrikismo Deejay’s new experiment he uploaded just the other day. Mixing together classic cumbia tracks with awesome modern beats and effects, this is a simply awesome little mix.

Sadly much to my dislike Turbo Sonidero Futuristico stopped producing his tumbia of the week series but at least he keeps working on new stuff. Here is the unique flavor of his sounds with two remixes.

With more of that dope hip hop classic cumbia sound DJ Neber delivers again with Matilda La Goloza.

Oh here’s a cool treat from Los Chicos Altos’ Maximillian Becker. While he was busy getting married recently in Lima, Peru he managed to meet up with some of our great cumbieros down there and rocked a set. Here is his live set recorded on that night. (A side note; I don’t like cricket, I don’t love it either, I just don’t know anything about it really. No offense to cricket players).

I’m going to blast this mix by Max of Los Chicos Altos right now if you don’t mind. So I’m going to take off now.


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