Saif Bari is the dude behind this great new experimental Electronic EP and he sent me some info about it via Sound Colour Vibration and here’s what they say:

San Diego’s Liquid Geometry collective has officially launched the new imprint of theirs with the release of a digital ep by Mastah Syphe called BullRider. Heavily steeped in the modern electronic sound that you can find spread across labels such as Alpha Pup, Tru Thoughts, Ubiquity, Warp, Ninja Tune, Brainfeeder and manys, Mastah Syphe’s production style is part dreamy and part neck breaking grooves that retain a sense of diversity that separates it from any artist on the labels mentioned. It’s a synthetic yet very exploratory sound and something I can’t get enough of.

BullRider comprises four original works from Mastah Syphe along with four accompanying remixes from different producers who are all expanding their awareness rapidly in their respective worlds. Starting with the albums title track, the beats come at you with full energy and an exotic styling of synth and percussion makes this a really different sound. Intricate synthesizer runs dash back and forth around pure 808 bass tones and minimal and broken sample cuts. If you have heard the new Virtual Boy record on Alpha Pup, you can expect that same type of heavyily intricate synthesizer work on BullRider. Every track from Mastah Syphe on the BullRider ep has that experimental electronic sound that pushes forward in motion and doesn’t drift into pointlessness, something perfect for the dance floor or with headphones.

The remix half of the album feels just as focused, energetic and synthetically magnificent in tone. Liquid Geometry’s very own Sleeve turns out my favorite remix of the record on the track ‘Cheese Cake’. Pulling the track towards dubstep rhythmically and something outer-worldly tonally, there is a translucence in the samples, synth and other sounds you can hear rising out of the frenetic nature of the percussive end. Every song and remix emits it’s own unique identity, something that made me love the record a lot. This is the first of many name your own price releases from the Liquid Geometry crew and is one we feel that is a perfect start for the collective.

Mastah Syphe
Liquid Geometry

  1. BullRider
  2. Cheese Cake
  3. Cray Cray
  4. Helicopter Krunk
  5. BullRider (Bleep Bloop Remix)
  6. Cheese Cake (Sleeve↓ Remix)
  7. Cray Cray (Subp Yao Remix)
  8. Helicopter Krunk (Elusive Remix)

Composed, Mixed, and Mastered by Saif Bari (Mastah Syphe) Remixes by Subp Yao (Saturate! Records), Bleep Bloop (710 Records), Sleeve (Liquid Geometry), and Elusive (artsandcraftLA)

EP Art by Mike Talamantez

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