YESSSSSSSS, sometimes we get some special stuff handed to us on a silver platter. Like this double hitter by BOSTON’s DJ B-TIPS! Today you’ll get an interview and one hell of an awesome mix, and then tomorrow he’ll ALSO give you the edits he made for that mix as a free download. Get your moombah on guys!

In his own words: The idea was that I’m releasing a mix which I made over 30 edits for and would also like to release that also as a pack (probably around 150 MB, might trim some depending on what the person publishing thinks). They are mostly moombahton, but also electro, slow electro, and the like….

Well thanks mate! here’s part one, the interview (some of these questions are nicked of course from my homie UMB’s MOOMBAHTONISTA SERIES and the mixxxxxx!

What was the first Moombah track you heard and how did it make you feel?

It was the Dave Nada Riverside remix. It made me pretty uncomfortable at first, the song, the genre, and the idea. It reminds me of how hard it was for me to relate to “Champagne Supernova” the first time I heard it on the radio in Michigan. New forms have always met with contention locally as well as globally. Resisting change is as human as wearing clothes or answering interview questions. There was a lot of shit going around but some of the tunes were funky and honestly I just kept getting sent music that had that word “Moombahton” in the title. Eventually I realized the enormity of my discovery and started to make some tunes of my own.

What was the first Moombah track you made & when did you make it?

I quit my job in May of 2011 to make music fulltime with a wünderkind producer from Miami named Longarms as “Tranquilizerz”. We made an EP called Jaguar Milk that had a couple of moombahton tracks but the first one we released was called “Boombahclap.” I wouldn’t say it was a game changer, but there was something magical about being involved from the near beginning, of which we were acutely cognizant. Longarms and I still work together, but independently. He makes super deep and funky electro in NYC. The first song on the mix is an exclusive from him and will be featured on his E.P. called Laundry coming out this summer.

How is the Moombahton scene in Boston?

Electronic music in Boston is crazy! There’s a band called Wobblesauce that I featured on the mix with a great Wednesday night, and E-Marce (Throwed) has done some huge things for the scene on Tuesdays. The big thing about moving to Boston from Pittsburgh is that there are always great shows here in The Hub on weekends. It’s really hard to throw a Friday weekly and compete with Dillon Francis one week and Big Freedia the next. Still I think moombahton might be bigger in Pittsburgh. Cucitroa does Get Weird there, which absolutely kills, and RSK is known for dubstep production, but also has a Tuesday (in the Burgh) that tends to feature global and forward-thinking bass music.

What is your favorite track right now?

Just looking at the “Ike, Robot” tracklist (exclusive for Generation Bass) you can tell hip-hop and house are always going to be a part of the conversation. I believe moombahton can be the bridge (not just BPM wise) connecting these two often-disparate worlds. Going back to the first question, artistic expression is painful, and aesthetic appreciation is arduous. As a dj I challenge myself to stop thinking in terms of genre or BPM and start thinking about moods, harmonies, and sounds. I guess IDGAFOS. That song doesn’t get old because it’s instrumental and yet it has a strong voice because of Dillon’s unique sounds and rhythms.

Who are your all-time favorite producers?

I love how the drum and bass producers are coming over to electro now. I included the Knife Fight and Feed Me tracks acutely aware of this shift. Producers changing genres to follow what’s popular but keeping their distinct sound seems like a very natural and healthy thing to me. Is there really anybody out there doing ONLY moombahton? It would be like talking about hip-hop sampling without mentioning jazz. I’d say Dillon Francis, Munchi, Nada, A-Mac, Ayres, Diplo, and Audio 1. Also Bonics is a dude that has made some unreal moombahton remixes (Party on 5th ave remix, don’t call me baby remix) that are ALWAYS in my sets when I play out. There’s no substitute for a good ear, attention to detail, and patience.

How do you see the future for the Moombahton scene?

I wouldn’t invite you to dinner and serve you just cheese and crackers. Moombahton is like cheese and crackers and lots of wine. I might give you dubstep for your antipasto. Hip Hop and House are still the Steak and Lobster though!

Now check out the mix dude…:

+ the SUPERCOMPLETE tracklist!
Longarms Epiphany (Original Mix)
Mord Fustang Welcome To The Future (B-Tips Milky Edit)
Nero Guilt DallasK Remix (B-Tips Milky Edit)
Flosstradamus Flosstradamus – Hood Fantasy (B-Tips Milky Transition 128-70-128)
Zedd Stars Come Out – Datsik Rmx (B-Tips Milky Edit)
Dani Deahl Ft. Oh Snap Diplo Hates You Vs. Diplo Express Yourself (B-Tips Blend)
Suits on Fire Suits on Fire – Ahora Es
Bro Safari Uncrushable Jay Fay Rmx (B-Tips Milky Edit)
Top Billin Music Top Billin Music – Wanna Do What – A-Mac rmx (B-Tips Milky Edit)
Sound of Stereo Diamond – Errorism Rmx (B-Tips Milky Edit)
H.A.L Siva (B-Tips Milky Edit)
The XX Crystalised – Keljet rmx (B-Tips Milky Edit)
Marco V & Marcel Woods Vs DJ Skribble & Anthony Acid Scream at the Lights – B-Tips Milky Mash
Madeon Icarus – B-Tips Milky Keys n Crates Transition
Wobblesauce Gravitron – Space Jesus Remix (B-Tips Milky Edit)
Grammatik Talkbox Intended (B-Tips Milky Edit)
Feed Me Headshot (B-Tips Milky Edit)
Wallpaper Wallpaper – Stupidfacced – Mendez Rmx (B-Tips Milky Edit)
Keith and SupaBeatz The Rebel Smoka (B-Tips MilkyMash)
Andy After Dark Our World (B-Tips PRIVATE Milky Edit)
TommyRock TommyRock – Cascade Babylon – Comic Strips Edit (B-Tips Milky Moombahton Flip)
Feral aka Kinky Tweet Retweet – Geek Boy rmx (B-Tips Milky Express Yourself Edit)
Rusko Rusko – Somebody To Love – Aylen rmx (B-Tips Milky Edit)
Dillon Francis Dillon Francis – IDGAFOS (B-Tips Milky Edit)
Childish Gambino Heartbeat Oliver Rmx (B-Tips Milky Edit)
Lemi Vice and Knife Fight Moombrah (B-Tips Milky Edit)
Martin Solveig The Night Out A-Trak rmx Ft. Wiz Khalifa (B-Tips Milky Mash)


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