Paul Swytch of TRiLLBASS and I have been getting cozy, as I have plans on releasing a tape of his content in the next couple of weeks. He’s been living at some unknown location in the woods with co-conspirator Geno Cochino doing nothing but knocking out tracks. This came as no surprise, as he just released OVER 100 TRiLLBASS originals through his website… for $10.

That being said, I expected the usual bass-heavy super-aggressive adjectives-hyphenated tracks that I’ve always heard from him. I pressed play on this one and thought ‘this man has lost his mind’. Not only is this mix nearly an hour long, but it’s NOTHING but originals. And certainly not the glitched out trap style bass music that has led up to this release.

This shows the musical advancement and capability of a true musician.

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