A little late this month and not as much action as normal but hopefully enough here to keep you busy.. Blip Fest NYC happening this month sure to be a whole lot to talk about at the end of it.. picture from the awesome Pixel Monster again.


MiniBurgerTime is a frantic and surreal piece of Skweee / Chip Bass with a great video to go with it. I have always been a fan of McFiredrill, he also heads up the internet radio station Datafruits http://www.datafruits.fm/ .. which is well worth checking out..


Some Australian 16bit Mayhem from Abortifacient… Some really killer bass sounds coming out of the Sega Mega Drive with that distinct off kilter sound he is known for.


Distortled Box Compilation Vol3

The Spanish crew behind Distortled Box have been at it for a few years and it is great to see some new names on this compilation lots of bass heavy and distorted madness well worth the download. Distortled Box download page


Whoa!!! So NNNNNNNNN delivers an unashamedly massive Brostep Chipbass banger from Japan so large that it may of caused more earthquakes (too soon?!?) Literally some of the most brutal stuff to come out of a gameboy ever.



Data Airlines haven’t released anything for a while and either has Psilodump but this release is some really solid pop style electro-chipbass and a return to form for both..


Henry Homesweet

The ever consistent bleepstreet put out this new Henry Homesweet banger download it from here.



One of the true originators of Chipmusic delivers a new release which is full of great mix of Chill and dance tunes. Truly some amazing stuff that transcends the genre!



Some Russian very 8bit flavoured skweee made with the Korg DS10 software.. a solid release..

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