Really engaging mix here covering a spectrum of Moombahton sounds including a hefty amount from the Moombahluv series that we put out, enjoying this!

A mellow moombahsoul mix with a few surprises within. Containing unreleased tracks by Flux Trax.

Tennis Hoodman, Munchi, Heartbreak, Sabo, ZSonic, Oktored, Mendez, Jon Kwest, Heisenberg, Brent Tactic, DJ Quien, Corey Corey Haim, Dave Nada, Yeah!, El Nomada, Dj Archi, Your Headlights Are On, Los Hermanos Latinos, Michelle Amador, Antena, Metro Area, Frank Hebly, The Doors, Jenifa Mayanja, Miss Nicky Trax, Tony Allen.

Mixed on a Ecler Nuo4 mixer, two Vestax PDX2000 and control vinyl running Deckadance and dub effects from a KPmini.

Some mishaps here and there but it’s live!

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