Yep, that name is totally not as catchy. I’m definitely posting on Wednesday next week. Anyway today we got: DJ Prez with some real African hip hop, Jazzcat with some afrobeat / afro funk and Harley Quinn with a swingin tribute to MCA.

DJ Prez

Mostly Francophone Afro Hip Hop via Nomadic Wax.

This mix is a call to the discovery of another Africa, far from the media clichés: a young continent, connected with the world, which claims and assumes its difference with pride.

Intro by DJ Prez
Yao Booby “Wamoe (J’accuse)” – Togo
Art Melody “Afrik Yambe” (feat. Lyadede) – Burkina Faso
Sadrak “Africa N°1” feat. Zea, Boulaone, Jerôme Dru – Cameroon
Wed Hyack “Burkina” (prod. DJ Gold) (Burkina Faso)
Nash & Priss’K “Respectons nos corps” (Côte d’Ivoire)
241 “On est du genre” (prod. Rod Da God) (Gabon)
Waga 3000 “Dal Fo Yi Kin Dao (Rester Fort et Combatif) (Burkina Faso)
Orsot (Black Beaudelaire) “Impossible nest pas” (Côte d’Ivoire)
Valssero “Je suis torturé” (Cameroon)
Goormak feat. Webster & Loki “Traces” (Senegal-Canada)
Interlude : Sofaa (Burkina) & Tata Pound (Mali) taken from “Fangafrika, la voix des sans-voix” OST (, prod. Mr Clean (La Plage Records)
Monza “Vivre” (Mauritanie)
Foumalade feat. Bat Blin D “Sing With Us” (Senegal)
Abass Abass “Génération” (Senegal)
Mudjah Soldiers “Nyabinghi Soldat” (Gabon)
Obscur Jaffar & Busta Gaeenga “Le réveil” (Burkina Faso)
Simba “Bom Bom Meshmu” (Mozambique)
Krotal “Africa” (Cameroon)
Danny Breaks / Smockey “Relaxe c’est ici le paradis / The Jellyfish” (Poirier Mash Up) (Burkina Faso / Canada)
Mr Ebbo feat. Mokweli “Utabiri” (Tanzania / UK)
MC Butcho & Spirited Sage “On Se Fou” (Senegal / Denmark)
Diamondog “Say Word” (Angola / Brazil / Berlin)
Ryhmman – Isso É Boda (Com Eva & Last Nigga) (Guinea Bissau)
Interludes featured extracts from Thomas Sankara Speeches


Soulful afro funk outta Italy… (Note for mixxxtape afficionadoes: finishes on an afroed up version of American folk song See Line Woman, which has made mixxxtape appearances here a couple of times already…)

The Name Of Fela Will Always Stand For Freedom – The Jettsons Present Jessica Lauren
African-Scanian Music Continuum Rerouted – Damn
Sorry Sorry (François Kevorkian’s Old Skool Afro Dub) – Femi Kuti
The Journey / Ghana´74 – The Boogoos
Afraw – Nemoy
Fearles – Incognito
Seasons Of Love – Blaze Feat. Palmer Brown
Gbagada, Gbagada, Gbogodo, Gbogodo (Louie Vega Remix) – Luisito Quintero Feat. Francis Mbappe
Living…Am I Living ? – Mitchell & Dewbury Feat. Bukky Leo
See Line Woman – Femm Nameless

Harley Quinn

Electro swing & Beastie Boys mashups – two things that have undoubtedly been done to death. But for some reason the combination of the two just keeps on giving. In tribute to the late great MCA Harley Quinn has put together this mixtape combining classic Beastie vocals with electro swingin sounds… Grab the download for individual tracks.

DOWNLOAD: Harley Quinn VS The Beastie Boys

Get On Stage
Root Down
Do You Like Parties ?
Triple Trouble
Super Disco Breakin’
Stop That Train
Kenny Stars’ Hollywood Psychics
Body Movin’
Rhyme The Rhyme Well
The Move
Hey Fuck You
Call Now
Hold It Now Hit It
An Open Letter To Nyc
The New Style
Just A Test
See Ya

(Sorry, I just realised I should have thought of something more sensitive to write than ‘done to death’)

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