Bonus set of 2012 Carnaval:

Starting the post with this amazing picture of Truculência Crew. Check here 3 great sets of Neo Funk and Baile Funk. At end of post, many remixes of Neo Funk.


A dead project reborn. Pristine Blusters (aka Carlos Nunez and Victor Ale) was a duo of maximal at 08 and 09. With good productions and a interesting apresention, it have a end in start of 2010 and with finish of maximal moviment. But, couple days ago they reborn with 2 great sets. One of Funk and Neo Funk, another of electronic music. Wich more will come from duo?

Penetra Records is a new Label of brazilian music, in Rio de Janeiro. And to show the new musics, nothing better then a mixtape. This is the second release of Fita Mixada (the translate of mixtape) with Leo Justi. A great set, with bang music with the own style of Leo Justi, bmore with funk, big beat, heavy beats and a lot of exclusive musics.

A new group of mc’s called Truculência Crew, start their productions and start to call our attention too. We’ve release the first EP – Ela só pega Dj with 5 remixes. Now they released a new set of Funk and Neo Funk.

To you understand, this group is with 4 Mc’s + 1 Dj. They are different of normal bonde of funk, they are smart guys, with nothing of scultural body and fuck amazing lyrics.



bonus track:

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