Gaby Amarantos is the most know singer of Tecnobrega and the most know singer in Brazil (or it will be). With the hit Xirley, she is spreading tecnobrega to Brazil and people are starting to like it. A Album was a promisse and now it comes true. Treme (in english Shake) is the new album of singer and you can grab it here <-. The principal song of album is Xirley, and it received some remixes that we already told, as the dubstep of jaloo. Waldo Squash remixed it too:


Some musics of CD:


Waldo Squash is a great producer of Pará who is sharing their music and produces in soundcloud. Probably I should not say that, but… He is selling some vignette for few reais. He asked for 50 reias (brazilian money) for 3 vignette. It can be intersting to some procuers who want some special….ALLRIGTH. Here is the music:

here is a remix of all hit that is playing in Brazil:


Now some other remixes of tecnobrega:



Do you know how to dance tecnobrega? They always said about Treme, or Tremendo (shake and Skaking). Well, they dance shaking the shoulders, something like this:

Another tremidinha


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