Being a U.S. citizen and being in close contact with a global politically and socially minded readership makes for interesting interactions. The interactions seem to often, not always, but often involve a moment where I feel like I’m being viewed as a enemy of the world. That’s a weird statement to make, I know but it is what it is. I wonder about this sometime because it seems the rest of the globe views Americans as single-minded nationalists. I argue against this idea by saying we were not all for George Bush, many protested the “wars”, many of us feel as though we are the terrorists, and many of us agree that we are more of a problem than a solution.

I was once again at a GOP convention last weekend in Phoenix that was held for the usual campaigning of congressmen, justices of the peace, and people trying to sell their books (with their delusions of knowing how to “fix” things). But really it was just another microscopic aspect of U.S. government where they were voting for delegates. I can go into what a delegate is but there’s absolutely no point in doing so, also I don’t want to bore you anymore than I may already be doing). I go to these things to infiltrate, to debate, and to watch the corruption in all its many forms (even on the microscopic level). To say the least I have fun at these events. Looking the ignorant “sheeple” in their eyes as they try to convince me there’s big danger out there without having any idea that they are the most dangerous of the dangers.

My point in addressing this whole issue is that I’ve found some clarity in it after all. In discussion the other night with a local bar/nightclub owner (the good kind), he made an interesting point. He has lived in other countries throughout Europe and we were discussing this issue that Europeans more than any other seem to question why we would allow someone/thing like George Bush to happen. He made a strong point after we both declared our similar experience of not liking our own country but when under attack from others suddenly we get a little defensive. He made the point that it’s because we truly claim to have a great country and are proud of our constitution and what it stands for. So as we toot our own horn why wouldn’t others look at all of our decisions and actions to be shared by a collective mind. We do do this I’m well aware being one who does it often. Though I wish to make a distinction. I don’t look at “my” country as a great example of how other countries should operate. I do like our constitution very much but the U.S. government doesn’t share my sentiment. That constitution is a waste of paper in the hands of the modern day United States. Written by enlightened deists now hijacked by the Christian Right and war mongering corporations.

So from now on if I come off as proud, imagine it’s 1776 and not 2012, that’s where my pride lays. The only good thing I can truly say proudly about this government is that I time and again loudly proclaim it to be fucked up and can do so without being arrested or killed for proclaiming so. At least so far.

And as I’ve said before somewhere and a few times, my parents just fucked here and were here nine months later. This is why and only why I’m American.

Now onto the cumbia where it doesn’t matter nor care where you come from or where you’re going. The international language, no not love, music, and more specifically nu cumbia.

Showing some Major Lazer love, Don Juan Pachanga came out with this dope cumbia edit of Get Free.

Also I have an exciting new track from Spike Devil Disco this week. Here it is in all its dopeness.

Man this Captain Cumbia vs Pedrolito soundclash competition keeps going strong. There are two weeks left of it, I don’t know what the winning prize is but they’re both committed to getting it. This is an awesome one from Captain Cumbia mashing Beastie Boys with OMFO. Captain Cumbia is officially (officially because I say so) the cumbia mashup master.

Albert DJ respects the classics with his remixes. He takes from different parts of the cumbia world and puts his own touch on them. This is what he did with Flor De Un Dia.

Not quite cumbia but with enough elements to post it here is the new Waxuma track. It’s well produced with interesting dub like delay going in and out of afrocumbe rhythms and elements of house.

Here is something quite original from Stereo Revuelta. Alongside Santa Leyenda Soul Ska, Stereo Revuelta he comes up with a unique sound I can’t quite put my finger on to label (which is always a good thing).

I posted a couple of weeks back the collaboration between Cabeza’s Cherman and Qechuaboi. To add to their catalogue Cherman uploaded their latest digital cumbia showcasing each other’s unique contribution to the nu cumbia scene. Also I wish to add, keep an eye out for the new Cabeza website layout coming really soon.

After doing a bit of travelling Pedrinho returns to Sexxy Saturday Cumbia with his new cumbia bass remix of Chambacu.

This is really fun and a first production from DJ Mapache. It’s a dope spaced out electro-cumbia mashup.

Petardo made a cumbia-dub remix of Bigote’s Mapu as an exclusive for Cassette Blog. It goes really deep and heavy with the bass and delays making for a dope remix.

Adding to his ever-growing graveton catalogue Grita created a classic chicha remix. Featuring heavy percussive delays and slowing down Carinito by Los Hijos Del Sol he makes a somewhat eerie tribute to the legends of Peru.

[email protected] Style is proudly repping the cumbia in New York. He keeps coming out with awesome tracks like this.

Normally one can find Steve Tellco producing moombahton from his studio in France. Here is a new cumbiaton from him rounding out this week’s selection.

I have a lot of new exciting (hopefully) things coming up from the nu cumbia world next week so keep in touch.

Peace mis cumbieros

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