Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Cumbia Without Borders

Being a U.S. citizen and being in close contact with a global politically and socially minded readership makes for interesting interactions. The interactions seem to often, not always, but often involve a moment where I feel like I’m being viewed as a enemy of the world. That’s a weird statement to make, I know but it is what it is. I wonder about this sometime because it seems the rest of the globe views Americans as single-minded nationalists. I argue against this idea by saying we were not all for George Bush, many protested the “wars”, many of us feel as though we are the terrorists, and many of us agree that we are more of a problem than a solution. I was once again at a GOP convention last weekend in Phoenix that was held for the usual campaigning of congressmen, justices of the peace, and people trying to sell their books (with their delusions of knowing how to “fix” things). But really it was just another microscopic aspect of U.S. government where they were voting for delegates. I can go into what a delegate is but there’s absolutely no point in doing so, also I don’t want to bore you anymore than I may already be doing). I go to these things to infiltrate, to debate, and to watch the corruption in all its many forms (even on the microscopic level). To say the least I have fun at these events. Looking the ignorant “sheeple” in their eyes as they try to convince me there’s big danger out there without having any idea that they are the most dangerous of the dangers. My point in addressing this whole issue is that I’ve found some clarity in it after all. In discussion the other night with a local bar/nightclub … Continue reading Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Cumbia Without Borders