Nyce, mellow, dubby/lounge vybz courtesy of Deep Heads!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it 😉

Track List:

Biome “La Muscia” [Dub]
Congi & Unique “Plausible” [Dub]
Versa “December” [Dub]
Versa “Shadow Movement” [Dub]
Biome “The Road” [Dub]
Biome “Future Past” [Dub]
DFRNT “The Darkness” [Dub]
Biome “Swan” [Forth Coming Smokin Sessions]
Congi “Moon Tide” [Dub]
Kromestar “They’re Just Dreams” [Dubstep For Deep Heads]
N Dread “Desertion” [Dub]
Anex “Phobic” [Dub]
Biome & Demon “Untitled” [Dub]

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