The second Moombahdeep compilation compiled by Ginger Shinobi.
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thanks to all the artists who contributed, including Tiff Polling for the cover!

Internationally renowned as a sound classified by tremendous feats in noise and bass, UK DJ/producer and moombahton devotee Ginger Shinobi’s Moombahdeep Volume 2 compilation celebrates the latest in a new dimension – deep house and techno trending moombah-vibes. In a ponderous and amazing seventeen tracks, Shinobi continues where Volume 1’s exploratory success left off. A new style calls for new top creative forces – the location and promotion of their heavy styles is truly one of the great successes of this compilation series.

Producer Johnny T’s “Metal Moombahton” is eight searing minutes of introspective joy. The depth of the cut isn’t the pleasure as much as it is the style, heavy guitars and a pulse-pounding break taking a party into a wild, strange vibe. Banginclude’s refix of Raga Todi’s “Vica” takes the track’s bhangra-trending elements and weaves them under the spell of the dembow riddim for the compilation’s most ear-worming work. Trance and techno’s bass-driven bastard child is a sexy stunner, indeed. UK’s TRI-BAL places two tracks, the most intriguing being a take on Pixel and Slimfy D’s grime-laden rap attack “Belly of the Beast,” which is turned into a progressive minimalist’s dream. Dope lyrics ride the break and while stripped down to its essence, the moombahton vibe allows the track’s bassline to kick like a mule. Like all of the sounds on the compilation, it makes for a unique and seductive dance floor groove. Rising auteurs including OktoRed, Kung Fu Theory, ICS and a plethora more excel on easily the most unified vision of moombahton’s deeper progression into altering international dance’s mainstream expectation.


1. Johnny T – Metal Moombahton
2. Johnny T & Disgraceland – EnergyPill
3. Banginclude – Raga Todi
4. T.E.E.D – Garden (Calibre remix – Tri:Bal remix)
5. Pixel, Simplify D – Belly Of The Beast (Tri:Bal UK Moombah remix)
6. Andy Kisaraghi – U Haft Muzak
7. Pupfish – Aomame
8. Smash & Grab – Deep Is What You Need
9. ZSonic – I Need You Close
10. Disgraceland – GOFUCK
11. ICS – Deep End Of The Gene Pool
12. La Yaute – Routine
13. OktoRed – Sweet Tooth
14. Magne Hoven – Under Construction
15. Aguja (Sub Sweepa We Used To Like Techno edit)
16. Kung Fu Theory – Heatstroke Mirage
17. Xian1 – Que Profundo

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