This week: Marcello Giordani with some Nigerian disco, jet jaguar brings the funky IDM steez, and Awesome tapes from Africa – well, the name gives that one away really.

Marcello Giordani

I’ve discovered that I love disco thanks to the Beautiful Swimmers Don Cherry mix I posted here a few weeks back, & I’ve been doing some internet digging. Here’s a very cool mix by Marcello Giordani – from the Italo Deviance blog – of early 80s Nigerian disco

No tracklist i’m afraid but i’m too Disco’d up to care

jet jaguar

Live set from NZs Jet Jaguar, smoked out electronics all the way here. The last tune is tinyfunk perfection.

Poster Child (unreleased)
Unnamed, unreleased
Dumble (unreleased)
Awry Smile (July 2012 release, free DL of unmastered version on my soundcloud)
Dub Outside (In The Rain) (from My Life In The Bush Out The Back of My Place)
Unnamed, unreleased
Juicy (from Think About It Later)
One Of The Perks Of The Position (coming out July 2012)

Awesome tapes from Africa

One of the most interesting and worthy music blogs around put together this mixtape for okayafrica, and this will come as no surprise if you’re familiar with Awesome Tapes… but it’s jam-packed with gems.

1. Ephrem Tamru “Ney Ney” Ethiopia
2. Nâ Hawa Doumbia “Dan Te Dinye La” Mali
3. Zagazougou “Zagadon” Ivory Coast
4. Issa Coulibaly “Lodjourato” Mali
5. Ahwach Souse Title Unknown (Side A excerpt) Morocco
7. Jagwa Music “Liwalo Na Liwe” Tanzania
8. Ndiogou Seck “Xoox-yi” Senegal
9. Issa Bagayogo “Lanaya” Mali
10. Foster Manganyi “Ndzi To Tiyisela” South Africa
11. Bola “Tivona Vonbubo” Ghana

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